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All the Rest of the Weapons / Re: Windham Weaponry 7.62x39 Review
« Last post by Taurian on September 03, 2018, 02:47:24 AM »
Well, I don't know if any Dio is in my blood, but their might be some English and Chippewa, and perhaps some Irish genes present. I really don't know; however, since I was orphaned without any knowledge of it and later adopted when I was two years old. Otherwise, I know nothing, except the fact of my ignorance.  ;D
All the Rest of the Weapons / Re: Windham Weaponry 7.62x39 Review
« Last post by NorCalChuck on September 02, 2018, 01:51:10 PM »
MMM-M-M-m-m-m . . . .  Do you know if perhaps Diogenes is in your ancestral history?

All the Rest of the Weapons / Re: Windham Weaponry 7.62x39 Review
« Last post by Taurian on September 02, 2018, 01:18:05 PM »
I know that I am going to regret this, but no I have not found a pair of shoes that fit me correctly. I have two right feet.

I have also not found a barber that can cut my hair correctly; therefore, my hair has not been cut in the last two years.

I also have not found a woman who can cook 'Hungarian Goulash' like my Mother did.

I have not found a personality that fits me, although I keep searching for one.

I; however, have found a sense of humor and people tell me that I smile a lot. My smiley face can be seen in Post Offices nation wide..
All the Rest of the Weapons / Re: Windham Weaponry 7.62x39 Review
« Last post by NorCalChuck on September 02, 2018, 12:42:01 PM »
Hey Taurian . . . . I just gotta' ask . . .  .
Have you ever found a pair of shoes that fit comfortably yet?

Supposedly, the lead causes cancer in California. Apparently, it causes more than that at high velocities, as witnessed by a lot of people in the L.A. area.

However, it is widely know that lead can cause damage to the brain, and may have been the cause of the Witch Hunts for women who were inflicted by such lead from goblets and such. Since men drank more than women, the men just turned into Democrats.

Go check! It's a hysterical fact!
Looks like Bond Arms is into "Spoofing" California.
I have not seen, heard or read anything such as what they have written as quoted above.

Don't get me wrong.
I am not saying that California does not deserve any "Snarks!"
But really this is just a take off on the coffee stupidity that was running around Sacramento for a while.
Dang! . . . . And I was thinking about ordering a derringer just cause I had always wanted one of those for some fun shoots. Maybe I'll try and order it anyway just to test out this rumor!
The next time I go to town and stop into my local gun shop to hang out I'll check on this just to be sure.
I think that there are many fine, upstanding people that live in California, and both of them should leave before the state eats itself.
All the Rest of the Weapons / Re: New Reviews!!!
« Last post by flyover on September 02, 2018, 07:51:08 AM »
Good report, Taurian.
I have a 590A1 for home defense with Winchester low recoil buckshot loads. Your report makes me want to try out that mini-clip and the mini shot shells. My problem is that I would more than likely try to figure out a way to reload them.
All the Rest of the Weapons / Re: Windham Weaponry 7.62x39 Review
« Last post by Taurian on September 02, 2018, 07:50:43 AM »
I updated the MSR47 review with the final installment of updates.

I invite you to read the entire review to see how things progressed with the project.
But, seeing how you might have quite a few better things to do on this fine Labor Day weekend, here is the update.

"Range day today was, in as short of terms as possible, excellent. Two new magazines were tested, and the Fiocchi 124-grain FMJ, which gave me multiple FTFs the first day at the range, was run through for function testing to see if this ammunition was a problem.  I am very happy to say that Golden Bear 123-grain HP and Fiocchi 124-grain FMJ ran flawlessly through the MSR47 using multiple magazines.  The MSR47 project is now completed, as far as I am going to take it at this time.

The A2 stock has been replaced with my favorite MAGPUL MOE stock, which now includes front and rear MAGPUL Sling Mount Kits Type 1 and Type 2.

Originally, the MSR47 shipped with one 30-round magazine from D&H Industries. However, Windham Weaponry has switched to shipping magazines from C-Products Defense.  Two C-Products Defense (often referred to as simply CPD) 30-round AR 7.62x39 magazines from Windham Weaponry were evaluated and deemed worthy of running in the MSR47.

From C-Products Defense:  “The AR 7.62 x 39 platform has been a problem for magazines since inception; this is no longer the case. CPD® re-designed the magazine from the ground up and the results have been astounding. Due to its specific geometry combined with CPD®’s proprietary Teflon coating, this stainless steel magazine continues to keep firing on all cylinders with the dirtiest of ammunition. Available in 5rd, 10rd, 20rd, 28rd, and 30rd. A lot of manufacturers are starting to produce new AR rifles because of this magazine.”

You can obtain all the information that you need to order from C-Products Defense ( and from other source to include Windham Weaponry (

The C-Products Defense 30-round magazine, as compared to the D&H Industries magazine of the same capacity, is lightly longer and has a more pronounced curve. The Magazine Follower is also of a different design that, like the D&H Products magazine, provides the means for the bolt to remain open on the last round.  The feed portion of the magazine, unlike that of the D&H Products magazine, is not relieved but a difference in feeding with either magazine was not noticed.

The primary difference between C-Products Defense and D&H Product magazines is availability. At this time, only 30-round AR 7.62x39mm magazines are available through D&H Products (with a promise of 20-round magazines in the Fall of this year (2018). As explained above, 5rd, 10rd, 20rd, 28rd, and 30rd C-Products Defense magazines are readily available.  Personally, I prefer 10-round magazines for range use and have a few AR Stoner magazines for that purpose. However, I may be switching to C-Products Defense magazines in the future.

Regardless of the magazine used, the UpLula Loader for them is a definite time-saver when loading the magazines.

So there you have it; the completed MSR47 Project that consists of the following:
  • Windham Weaponry 7.62x39 SRC.
  • Hogue Rubber “Finger-Groove grip.
  • Sight Mark 2-7x32mm “Hog Hunter” scope.
  • Warne “Quick Detach” 1” Ultra-High scope rings.
  • MAGPUL “Pro” steel front and rear sights.
  • MAGPUL MOE stock with MAGPUL Sling Mount Kits Type 1 and Type 2.
  • MAGPUL Quick-Detach Sling Swivel.
  • CONDOR Speedy 2 Point Sling.
  I tried to keep things simple but effective, and I think that I have succeeded with that.

 At this point, I can truthfully say that I am 100% satisfied with the “Windham Weaponry 7.62 SRC” and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a MSR platform that chambers 7.62x39mm ammunition."

 In one of the stranger stories to come out of the Golden State this year, Bond Arms Inc., the Texan firearm distributor, has announced that as a result of a recent Proposition 65 (Prop 65) ruling, its products will no longer be available in California from 31 August. The company announced:
After August 30th, Bond Arms products will NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE (including guns, barrels, holsters, accessories, apparel, etc.) in the state of California due to Prop 65, which makes all manufacturers label products that could have a chemical that could cause cancer or birth defects, even though it won’t.
That’s right: Somehow legislators in California have decided that a chemical that comes into contact with Bond Arms firearms could cause cancer, and that these products would therefore have to carry warning labels. Bond Arms has decided that instead of having unsightly warnings engraved on the side of their handguns, they will simply no longer supply their products in the state.
 What is Prop 65?
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