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...And my own San Juan County is missing its red color, too.

Well...we may not have all that many guns, but pretty much everybody's got a fishing pole and a crab trap.
Everything Else / Re: Sight Protection
« Last post by M1911A1 on Today at 08:04:51 PM »
Roy used radar-equipped bullets.
Gene Autry told me so.
Everything Else / Re: Sight Protection
« Last post by NorCalChuck on Today at 07:06:50 PM »
YEAP! . . . . I have seen that done.
It was in those westerns during the 50's.
I saw Roy Rogers shoot a gun out of a bad guys hand while at full gallop on Trigger.

Yes Sir Reee-Bob . . . . I saw him do it!   8)
Everything Else / Re: Sight Protection
« Last post by M1911A1 on Today at 05:34:04 PM »
Even out as far as about 15 yards, an experienced and practiced pistol shooter using a familiar weapon doesn't really need sights.

With practice and familiarity, in an emergency one can "sight" by using only the silhouette of the rear end of the pistol.
(BTW, this technique works particularly well in low-light conditions, even when your sights are intact and remain properly zeroed.)

For careful shots, one can take the (very brief) time to make sure that the muzzle end of the pistol is completely covered by its rear-end silhouette, thus assuring proper alignment.

It slows you down, but not much.
What is really interesting is the states that do not have a red colored county.
None in Texas?
Of course none in California . . . . But we can expect that.
Oklahoma, Nebraska, North Dakota and Kansas are more surprises . . . .
But we do not have any idea what criteria was used to do the rating????
Reading the comments was interesting . . . .
You get what you vote for . . . . . .   :(
All the Rest of the Weapons / Re: Urban Truck Gun
« Last post by CR Williams on Today at 12:40:43 PM »
I'm having more trouble with either astigmatism or I'm not getting the right angle on my glasses to see the green dot clearly (in fact, I was getting a split dot most of the time). What it looks like is that I can probably get 4, maybe 3 MOA out of this eventually but right now it looks like I'm a 6, maybe 5 MOA shooter with this one.

Overall length, by the way, is just short of 20 inches. I've got a Timbuk2 messenger bag that I can fit it and a separate magazine bag in together if desired.
All the Rest of the Weapons / Urban Truck Gun
« Last post by CR Williams on Today at 12:37:06 PM »
Sighted in the dot (for evaluation and writing, will be replaced with better one) and shot it for first time. Aero Survival Pistol, 7in barrel (They cut it for me at no additional charge. And they shipped it the same day they did that, which was the day I put the order in.) Had some hiccups (bolt outrunning magazine spring) so need to address that before it goes into service. Still, this will be my 'Ferguson gun' for carry and if necessary deployment in urban areas:

"Whether you like the insurance model, the pre-paid legal plans, or a membership benefits provider, you should ask one last question. Be sure what ever plan you sign on to covers ALL ACTS OF SELF DEFENSE, not just shooting someone. Most companies limit their coverage to shootings only. That exempts the majority of self-defense acts. Reviewing the eight incidents in which the members of the Armed Citizensí Legal Defense Network, Inc. have defended themselves, not one involved one person shooting another. Before relying on anyone to protect your rights after self defense, read both the fine print and read between the lines."
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