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Everything Else / Re: Just for fun
« Last post by LEJoe on Yesterday at 04:33:36 PM »
Classic! Thank you!  ;D
Can you say methamphetamines?  ::)
Black-eyed mugshot of Lancaster County suspect gets national attention, disbelief

A police mug shot taken in Lancaster County, S.C., is drawing attention across the country for what appears to be a blond woman with black eyes.

The mug shot is of 24-year-old Morgan Joyce Varn, who faces charges of kidnapping, armed robbery and property damage in Lancaster County. She remained in the Lancaster County jail Friday without bond.

Read more here:

Everything Else / Re: Just for fun
« Last post by M1911A1 on Yesterday at 12:09:38 AM »
...Nope. It's Bruichladdich and blonde pubic hair.
Good Reading Material / Re: Armed Citizens Defense Benifit Increase
« Last post by oldranger53 on April 28, 2017, 07:42:59 PM »
Thanks Pop Pop.

That "money up front" is THE key issue in self defense insurance, for sure.
Honestly, that is also THE reason I left USCCA when Tactical Tim foisted the insurance requirement for further membership.

The way society teeters back and forth on hot button issues any more, I'm a little surprised that any insurance coverage for armed self defense would include "money up front", but I'm surely glad it does!

Perhaps I'm just feeling "existential" tonight, but right now all these things we heap unto ourselves in the way of personal security (firearms, training, ammo, insurance, etc...) seems to boarder on the futile.

Maybe tomorrow morning I'll feel differently about it.
And NO, that feeling of futility won't make me go out unarmed, just that my expectations will be in line with the reality.

I'll come back tomorrow, when I feel better.

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Everything Else / Just for fun
« Last post by NorCalChuck on April 28, 2017, 07:07:40 PM »
Enjoy . . . . .

Good Reading Material / Armed Citizens Defense Benifit Increase
« Last post by pop pop on April 28, 2017, 04:31:32 AM »
I am a  member of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network(360-978-5200). They just increased the benefit to it's members, should that member be forced to use Self Defense and are prosecuted for doing that. I believe it to be as good, and possibly the best program out there. I look at this just the same as Homeowners, or Auto  Insurance. I got it, but hope never to use it.

It is a known fact that if you are forced to use self defense "one" stands a chance of being criminally prosecuted or sued in civil court afterwards.

$1 Million Legal Defense Fund

by Marty Hayes, J.D.OneMillion

Has a nice ring to it, doesnít it? I am extremely pleased to announce that the Armed Citizensí Legal Defense Networkís dedicated Legal Defense Fund now has in excess of One Million Dollars in four federally insured bank accounts, just waiting for a member in legal jeopardy after self defense! This fund is NOT used for any operating expenses, but instead, is earmarked for the legal defense of members after a self-defense incident, as well as helping with bail, if needed.

A few explanatory words may be useful for those who are unfamiliar with how this works for members of the Network. If a Network member is involved in a self-defense use of force incident, the Network will immediately forward up to $25,000 for retainer to the attorney of that memberís choice, if that much is needed. Typically much less suffices for the initial representation, and for several years we limited the initial deposit to $10,000. That practice has been working fine, but with this million-dollar milestone, we decided to increase that amount, just in case. I find it conceivable that in a high profile shooting, with murder charges in the offing, the memberís attorney would require a higher initial retainer, seeing what the member and the attorney might anticipate coming down the road.

Primarily, increasing that limit is a change for the benefit of our members. Across the industry, it also alters the playing field. The Network initially set the standard for immediate assistance at $10,000 (which several competitors eventually matched); we have now raised the bar considerably.

After that initial retainer is used up, if the member is prosecuted or sued, we will fund a legitimate self-defense case up to Ĺ the total amount in the Legal Defense Fund, which now means up to a half a million dollars. That is also the highest assistance available in the industry; most other plans donít even come close.

In fact, we are the only program that I know about that maintains a dedicated Legal Defense Fund to pay legal expenses all the way through incident to acquittal, retrials, appeals, and civil lawsuit. Competing programs either promise to provide attorneys whom they select (pre-paid legal schemes) or promise to reimburse you after you have funded the trial, fighting to achieve an acquittal (insurance models).

Why did we form the Network the way we did? Because, we know that insurance schemes will not work (at least for criminal defense). You need the money up front to fight the legal fight effectively, not as a reimbursement after the fight is over. In fact, it is actually to the insurance carrierís benefit to see you found guilty; that way they do not have to pay out. Now, having said that, the civil tort insurance is not a bad idea, as the insurance carrier will be defending the civil claim (or negotiating a settlement) and would pay off if you were found culpable in civil court. While the Network will assist our members who do not have insurance with the civil trial, too, we cannot pay a judgment if the case cannot be won. Over the past several years we have been looking around the insurance industry for a good civil tort policy we might offer as an option to members. We will continue to look until the right one can be found.

Pre-paid legal schemes are only as strong as the legal firmís willingness to pay for your legal defense. I have yet to see one that defines exactly how they purport to defend their clients. I know that if my freedom is on the line, I want the right to control who fights for me in court. That means hiring my own legal team. Network members will have the backing of the Legal Defense Fund to pay for that fight.

With the Legal Defense Fund reaching its $1 Million milestone, the Network is able to increase not only the initial fee deposit, but doing the math on how much is now available (up to Ĺ of the Fund) to defend a memberís self defense choices really shows the strength of our organization. Thank you to all our current members who have stuck with us over the years, and helped us fulfill our vision of the Network.
Everything Else / Re: The Body Breaking, But Want To Is Still Alive
« Last post by LEJoe on April 27, 2017, 04:16:34 PM »
Good job with the widow pop pop. Hope you're feeling better soon!
Everything Else / Re: The Body Breaking, But Want To Is Still Alive
« Last post by pop pop on April 27, 2017, 03:01:25 PM »
Went to my neurologist on the 25th. He sent me to have an MRI, which I did the same afternoon. Haven't heard back from his office, but am waiting the results. He said I may need steroid injections in my spine, from the symptoms I told him, but we will not know for sure until he reads the results of the MRI. Explained they need to try that treatment first.

Went today to a diabetes specialist to help me manage my diabetes. My numbers are a tad bit high and I have been on my present medications for about 5 years. Anyone who knows the treatment knows you must change because the body adjust to the meds and they become ineffective. She is going to do some big changes in my meds when we return from the out planned West trip.

Going Friday to have steroid shots put in both knees to get some pain relief. The cartilage is worn off the backs of my knee caps and they rub against the knee joints and it is quiet painful.

Went on a test run in our RV yesterday and drove about 175 miles. My son-in-law want me to drive the RV so he could readjust the new brakes he just installed on it. We wouldn't want a brake shoe dragging and causing the wheel to get hot on an extended trip.

We will be having two other couples, in their RV's, making the trip with us. I am not rolling over and giving up on life, until I am forced too. I enjoy the West and have taken 5 trips out there in the past few years. I know most here don't enjoy the RV lifestyle but my Sweetie and I have really enjoyed our travels for the last 18 years. We traveled to places ad done things we never would have been able too had we not invested in the RV and truck to pull it years ago.

The old body may be wearing out, but I am still fighting through the pain, with the aid of meds and exercise, and trying to get some enjoyment in life. So far I have been able to avoid the depression, that sometimes comes with serious health problems and older age, by looking forward to going to church, serving the Lord, playing with my gun collection, training others in safe gun handling and shooting, and our traveling.

I will add one of my success stories. We have a widow, at our church, who lost her husband a few years ago. Her and he teenage daughter was previously attacked, by the I-75 rapist, when they resided in Florida years ago. After her husband passed, she related to the women's Bible class that she was terrified living by herself. So much so that she couldn't sleep until daylight. I asked her if she wanted to learn to shoot a gun and be able to protect herself. Long story short, she accepted my invitation and after a few times in our back yard and some safety training, my wife heard her tell another widow, we also had with us in the class, " You know, we can take care of ourselves now if we are forced too. She also was able to sleep once more.

I got satisfaction bringing a measure of peace to a widow that was really hurting.

Good Reading Material / Re: Attempted Home Invasion
« Last post by M1911A1 on April 25, 2017, 12:41:27 PM »
It's good to read a story like that from real life.
It gives us lots of lessons to learn.

Thanks, Roger!
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