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Everything Else / Animal showing signs of intelligence
« Last post by Robert Harvey on Today at 06:29:07 AM »
This deer is a lot smarter than the low-information voters out there.

Animal showing signs of intelligence: Deer repeatedly attacks and destroys Obama sign This deer knows a liar when he sees
:o :o LOUISIANA: Proposed Legislation Would Make it Illegal to Have Firearms in the Presence of Children.
House Bill 1189, sponsored by state Representative Barbara Norton (D-Shreveport), would make it a crime to intentionally, or with criminal negligence, expose children, age ten and under, to firearms that are not locked in a container or equipped with a locking device.  If passed and enacted into law, HB 1189 would require all Louisianans with children in this age group to render firearms inoperable, thereby hindering their immediate use for protection and failing to take into account each family’s own self-defense needs.
...parents would not be able to show their kids how to safely handle a firearm at home or to shoot recreationaly on their own property without possibly violating this act.  In fact, the term “exposure” is so broad in HB 1189, it could prohibit taking your child to a firearms museum, a parade that involves participants marching with firearms, or a military funeral with a gun salute!
Everything Else / Brewer vetoed two pro gun bills.
« Last post by Robert Harvey on Today at 06:04:55 AM »
Brewer did not post a statement on her website regarding the veto and news reports did not include a comment from the governor.
Everything Else / Georgia gun rights expanded.
« Last post by Robert Harvey on Today at 06:02:27 AM »
Georgia gun rights expanded.

“This bill is about the good guys, you guys,” bill sponsor Rep. Rick Jasperse, R-Jasper, told the crowd. “Amid all the misinformation and emotions, one must remember that this bill isn’t about irresponsibly arming the masses. This is a bill about safety and responsibility.”
Local and World News, NOT political / yeah right
« Last post by Robert Harvey on Today at 05:59:20 AM »

“What I do to guard against opinion creeping too far into our news coverage is just watch it and make sure that on certain stories — guns would be one — that 100 percent of our stories aren’t told from the perspective of ‘How could Americans be so connected to their guns?’ This is to recognize that this is a deep part of American society and that we cover it from every angle,” she continued.
Everything Else / Re: Shiraq
« Last post by SARGeek on Yesterday at 07:19:21 AM »
I noticed that Detroit seems to be getting a handle on their crime problem and that they are doing it by shooting the thugs. When the cop shop is only open 8-5 I guess folks know they have to take care of themselves.
He really does need to go home but he's too much the hypocrite to do so.

Perhaps something to do with almost 4x the violent crime rate over there...
What was that idiot thinking!!! / Re: this man seriously needs to go HOME!!!!!!
« Last post by oldranger53 on April 22, 2014, 08:11:37 PM »
I don't think so!

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Everything Else / Re: Shiraq
« Last post by oldranger53 on April 22, 2014, 08:09:06 PM »
The "common denominator" is human nature.

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