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Stay dangerous.
Got it!


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CR Williams - Drill of the Month / Farnham drill variation
« Last post by CR Williams on Today at 05:55:44 AM »
I'm still not sure what the actual Farnham drill is--I've seen at least five variations so far, but here's my version of it. This is a live-fire drill:

If you're running solo, load several magazines a day or more ahead of the range time. If you have somebody else handy, they can load a magazine for you. You'll need one with five rounds, four live and one dummy loaded randomly, and one with three. For the target, one plain sheet of paper and one 3x5 card. Put the paper up vertically and the card above it about six inches from edge to edge.

Load the 5-rd mag, put the 3-rd one where you normally carry reserves. Start this one at three yards. Run from normal concealment and position.

On the start, draw and fire five rounds into the paper, fixing the dud as you go. Gun goes empty, get the second magazine in and fire three rounds into the 3x5 card. That's the drill.

Count hits only if they are completely on paper. Any part of the shot hits an edge, count as a miss. Goal is to get all the hits as fast as you can.

Run this one slow first to get a baseline. Set yourself a goal and reach it. When you reach that goal, move to the five-yard line. Lather, rinse, repeat. Three, five, seven, ten yards is what I would recommend. Once you're where you want to be at ten, go back to three and start moving. Start-and-stop or dynamic recommended. (Categories of movement will be broken down in Volume 3 of my book series planned for release by end of November). If it's stop and start, move every time the gun stops. Repeat each phase with movement.

Next step is to cut the full sheet of paper in half and run 8.5 x 5.5 for lower target.

If you want to run a standard IDPA target, put a triangle on it with the base cutting the A zone in half and point centered at the base of the 'head'. Use the head box as normal.

No, I haven't run this myself yet. I only just now came up with it.

Have fun.
18 prospective jihadists in Australia were told not to go to Syria to fight, but to stay where they were and seek to kidnap and behead citizens and send ISIS the video. That's what they want their fellows in the infidel nations to do.

Stay dangerous, my friends.
Everything Else / New Mexico deputy charged with shooting colleague
« Last post by flyover on Yesterday at 02:53:09 PM »
Another story for those who think cops should be the only ones carrying guns. Or better yet, why guns and alcohol don't mix.

New Mexico deputy charged with shooting colleague

By Juan Carlos Llorca, Associated Press
Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014 | 8:37 p.m.

LAS CRUCES, N.M. — A northern New Mexico sheriff's deputy was charged with murder Tuesday after police say he fired several rounds from his handgun as his colleague tried to flee an alcohol-fueled argument at a hotel.

Deputy Tai Chan, a warrant officer with Santa Fe County, was being held without bond at the Dona Ana County Detention Center.

The shooting happened just after midnight at Hotel Encanto in the southern New Mexico city of Las Cruces, where the two Santa Fe County deputies had stopped to spend the night after transporting a prisoner to Safford, Arizona.

Investigators say Chan, 27, and Deputy Jeremy Martin, 29, went to three restaurants Monday night, including Dublin's Street Pub where they drank and got into a heated argument. The fight escalated once they were back at the hotel.

Witnesses heard arguing and then several gunshots rang out.

As Martin tried to flee into an elevator, he was shot in the back and arms, authorities said.

Police arrived at the hotel and found Martin staggering off the elevator with multiple wounds, Las Cruces police spokesman Dan Trujillo said.

Martin was taken to a Las Cruces hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Chan was found in a stairwell near the hotel's roof. He was taken into custody without incident and a Glock semi-automatic handgun, believed to be his duty weapon, was found nearby.

Chan's attorney, John Day, said the shooting was still under investigation and details were limited.

"It's a tragic situation for everybody involved," the Santa Fe lawyer said.

Investigators with the Las Cruces Police Department were at Hotel Encanto's parking lot Tuesday collecting evidence that appeared to be from a deputy's vehicle. Hotel security staff prevented reporters from approaching the scene and ordered media off the property.

Inside, areas of the hotel were cordoned off with crime scene tape while investigators worked.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Robert Garcia said his department was mourning.

"I have grief counselors or crisis counselors here now meeting with a lot of my personnel, but it's a grieving law enforcement agency," Garcia said.

He said Martin had been a deputy for 2 1/2 years and Chan was on the force for three years.

Martin, a patrol officer, was married and had three children, all under the age of 10, the sheriff's office said.

At an emotional news conference, Garcia called both deputies "hardworking, committed individuals."

"I'm lost," Garcia said. "I'm at a loss for words."

Martin's widow Sarah told the Albuquerque Journal in a brief telephone interview that the sheriff came to her home early Tuesday to deliver news of the death.

"He was a self-sacrificing kind of a person and put everyone else first," she said of her husband. "He was very well-balanced as far as family and career. He had a big heart and gave everyone the benefit of the doubt."
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What was that idiot thinking!!! / Can we say idot?
« Last post by Robert Harvey on Yesterday at 12:18:13 PM »
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Everything Else / Re: Are you an ACLDN member?
« Last post by pop pop on Yesterday at 07:42:08 AM »
I just read the recent newsletter and, if I understood it correctly, ACLDN is going to give it's present memebers a copy of Massad Ayoobs latest written book. They are doing this for training purposes as the book has detailed stories of self defense situations and their aftermath. Marty feels we can gain wisdom from the book. Way to go ACLDN. Cain't wait for my copy.
Everything Else / Re: What is Up With This?
« Last post by crzyjarmans on Yesterday at 07:04:40 AM »
I grew up getting a spanking or two, Much the same as M1911A1, You know? I have never been a guest at the grey bar motel! never have I had Handcuff on! I have nice things, A beautiful wife, there is only one thing I could hope for in my near future? and that is a local job, so I can be home with my loving wife, So? Is spanking a crime? It's my belief, the crime is, If there wasn't a spanking when the child did something wrong, Sorry but a "time out" doesn't work, Teaching a child that there is no punishment for when they do wrong, Will only lead to bigger and much worse crimes, In my opinion
Stupid is a stupid doe's, Momma always say's
I don't have a problem with teaching your children how to properly handle a firearm when they are at the right age, but parents need to be responsible as well, If their child has a mental disorder? maybe? not such a good idea to do, As in the shooting in Conn. It was said that the boy had a mental disorder, Now maybe this disorder was diagnosed after the fact? possibly? but then as the parent, Must take precautions with your firearms, Know your children, Be apart of their lives, Just having a child doesn't make you a dad/mom, It's how you interject with them, Keep them safe as well as yourselves
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