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Thank you Gary!
What do you expect from a community organizer?
thank you Gary !

I think is the best site out there as well.
Keep up the good work.

Delusional...Narcissistic...a Democrat...President...  Stupid is as stupid does!
As always, THANK YOU Gary!
Missouri Legislature override of the Governorís Veto will make open carry legal throughout the state of MO for anyone with a valid permit/license. This new law does not take effect until Oct 12, 2014. Local governments could have ordinances banning open carry and this new law makes all those local ordinances null and void for those with a valid permit/license. MO also lowered the age to apply for a permit/license to carry to 19. The only problem with this is it may cause a few states to stop honoring the MO permit/license. NV dropped WV because they issue to those 18-20 for employment purposes. Some states will just state that a MO permit/license holder has to be 21 to carry in their state. We will just have to wait and see what effect this has on who honors MO. The changes in MO Law will be added to the MO page at on the effective date.

DC is going to start issuing permit/licenses to carry in the coming months due to a court ruling. It will be May Issue and have a lot of restrictions on where you canít carry. I am hearing some of those places off limits will be mobile.  Meaning it will be legal to carry on a public street/sidewalk at one instant and the next instant it will be a roving off limits area.   I am hearing they will also issue to non residents but are structuring their carry laws using Maryland and New York laws as guides. Obtaining a non resident permit/license will be very difficult (read that as Impossible) for us common folks. The process of writing this law is worth watching as it will show a very clear picture of what the elitist really think of the peons, I mean Citizens!

I get emails and requests via posts on different boards asking when is going to have an app. They are expensive to develop and then they must be updated. There is one app that links to and works very well on my Nexus7. is not partnered with/collaborating with or making any money from this app.  Seven Bit Software LLC is the maker of the ďGun SafeĒ App.  I will state that I am bias towards the info that supplies and believe it is the most comprehensive and up to date  information you can find in one place on the web. I also have every app I can find that supplies info on the carry laws in all the states and in my opinion Gun Safe is the best app out there because it links to

 Again I want to thank those who gave me a heads up on changes in their state. I canít do this by myself and your assistance is what makes what it is. Thank You!
Delusional...Narcissistic...a Democrat...President...  Stupid is as stupid does!
It has to be George Bush's fault...doesn't it? :o
What was that idiot thinking!!! / You have to watch ALL the video to see it!!!
« Last post by Robert Harvey on September 18, 2014, 06:23:59 PM »
What would you call a person that does this???

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Everything Else / Re: School COnfiscates American Flags on 9/11
« Last post by Robert Harvey on September 18, 2014, 05:11:16 PM »
I do not think that this principal intelligent enough to even be a communist.
That is what a progressive is.
Just another label.
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