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Title: So here's where I'm at with publishing:
Post by: CR Williams on September 24, 2017, 04:22:40 PM
I am informed that the Kindle version of "Gunfighting, and Other Thoughts about Doing Violence"  is available for purchase now. The print version is under review and, if they don't find any big hiccups, will be available on one of the Amazon outlets (Createspace) late tomorrow and on Amazon itself between two and three days after that. I had to make revisions to the original files on both versions I sent in and re-send them. I thought this process would require weeks but was able to make the changes (primarily to fit margins and accommodate what is called Gutenberg margin format) in a day. It will actually fit properly on the page and not have excessive white space now.

I am now working on re-setting 'Facing the Active Shooter' book so that I can get it right the first time when I send up the 2017 update. I expect to add sections on dealing with vehicular attacks, knife attacks, something about how better to 'work' in crowds, and may be able to get a section in on trauma care (that one may have to wait for another update however). Some of this will have adds to both the prose and the outline sections of the book. My goal for the update is release by the end of October latest.

Probably in December I will start on Volume Six of the 'Gunfighting...' series.

I'm also working on one fiction series' book--some of these are on Amazon now--and have started work on another series, both in the SF genre. (Can you tell that I don't get out much?)

I have an author page on Amazon that I think lists all the books currently available and some other information. It should come up with a search for 'CR Williams'.

I also have a new publishing outlet and can send ebooks to almost a dozen sellers such as Barnes and Noble and iTunes. I will be setting FtAS up for that first after I get it on Amazon. There are different requirements, mainly about pictures, that will require a lot of time to re-work the 'Gunfighting' series books for this outlet. I expect to push V5 up there first, likely early 2018, and then the rest one at a time. I have to go back and revise some of the early volumes anyway. Now I have motivation for doing that.