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Title: M P 2.0 9 C
Post by: pop pop on January 04, 2018, 02:36:13 PM
I decided to purchase a new M P 2.0 9 C pistol for Christmas. I want to work this pistol in my concealed carry plan. For sure in my church carry. I ordered a IWB Cross Bread Super Tuck with the combat cut leather yesterday. 

I also ordered an Aker Flatsider belt slid OWB holster for the MP 2.0 9C this afternoon. Local gun store only had a Fobus kydex that would fit the 2.0. Should be in the carry business soon.

I have already had the pistol out shooting, but the weather has gone far south on me. Been in the low 1 digits for the past 3 mornings, but saying some moderation soon.

I really like the way it points and feels in my hand. I need to ring it out to make sure it is reliable. Also need to train with it because I have shot nothing but revolvers for the last 3 years.

I also joined a Wellness Center, on bone Dr's advice, to strengthen my knees for the next 2 months. Knee surgery, on left knee, set for March 5th, if not sooner. I asked saw bones to move my date up if he could. Will be lifting weights, in earnest, for the next 2 months to strengthen my knees till surgery time. Started today, as I worked out for 45 min. Did both cardio and weight training. Feel like a limp dishrag.

Life goes on but am, excited about the new 9 MM compact pistol. It has a 4" brl, holds 15 + 1 rounds, and a real good size frame for concealed carry. I don't like mouse guns!

I still intend to weak side pocket carry my 7 shot 357 mag snubbie revolver for back up. Will retire my S/W 642 38 Spl. Figured I may need a few more rounds on hand should I be "forced into" a bad situation. 
Title: Re: M P 2.0 9 C
Post by: LEJoe on January 04, 2018, 10:18:48 PM
Title: Re: M P 2.0 9 C
Post by: CR Williams on January 05, 2018, 05:35:08 AM
Excellent. There are still times when it's best to party like it's 1869, but nowadays that extra capacity in the first load can be much more comforting in general.

Do research on recovery from exercise, pop pop. The gains are made in between the exercise periods, not during them. And there is a lot that can be done to enhance that gain by properly managing what you do in the in-between times, especially with sleep.
Title: Re: M P 2.0 9 C
Post by: pop pop on January 05, 2018, 08:08:34 AM
Thanks for the advice on exercise, C R. This is not my first trip to the "Fat Farm, what I call it"  I have attended there in the past. Yes, exercise can be unprofitable if over taxing the body happens. I do Cardio workout one day then on the second day I do weight lifting and some cardio for warm up. All weight lifters say you body needs a day to recover from serious weight training, or one really does more harm than good.

I started back on the stationary bike, and tredmill, which I have at home, about a month ago. I have already noticed improvement on ease of getting up from a seated position. My Dr suggested me getting on weight lifting, prior to surgery, to improve knee strength, so I am taking that advice to heart. He says it should help my recovery from the knee surgery. 

I am hoping to be able to go to the "Cowboy Way Festivle" held at Gene Autry, Oklahoma in mid May. They are having a Cast reunion of "The Virginian" series and some of the "Gunsmoke" actors. Went last year and seen "The Virginian," James Drury, Betsy, "Roberta Shore,   and Steve, "Gary Clark. Was interesting. A big change from TV today. Who cares for the stuff (Reality) they have on today? Any ways, we will see. That is my goal.

I do recognize my "somewhat" compromised health, when it comes to being prepared to defend myself. If one can't move he is a sitting duck, IMO. That really diminishes one's effectiveness. My desire it to get back some of my lost movement, due to great knee pain, although I know not all will be restored. Man just can not make them like God does.
Title: Re: M P 2.0 9 C
Post by: Taurian on January 06, 2018, 08:33:24 AM
I went to the S&W website to read about the M&P 2.0 9 C. That seems like a nice pistol, pop pop.

I shot an M&P in .45 ACP a couple of weeks back and that pistol surprised me. It was very accurate and felt good in the hand. Felt recoil was a lot less than the Glock G41I am going to do a review on it at some point.

Your pistol seems like it would be a good carry. The only issue that I have with it is that I don't own one  ;D Let us know how it does with your chosen defensive ammunition.

And, best of luck with your surgery, physical therapy, and such.  As far as weight training, it is best to take it slow at first. Also, alternate days between upper and lower workouts. Stretching and cardio is good for both. When I was working out six days a week, i would alternate days between upper and lower body workouts. That gave the body a day's rest between each workout. I would also alternate workouts between pushing and pulling exercises for both upper and lower body. I was taking a cue from my youngest Son who came in third place for Mister California.  I would be busting my behind working out as he casually went through his routines. Ah, to be young again!
Title: Re: M P 2.0 9 C
Post by: CR Williams on January 08, 2018, 05:32:27 AM
All weight lifters say you body needs a day to recover from serious weight training, or one really does more harm than good.

The thinking nowadays among advanced lifters runs around the idea of 'active recovery' rather than complete rest. Some easy/slow cardio and some range-of-motion work fit nicely into this concept. Look into that as a search term and see if anything might work for you. I personally have struggled with the establishment of a good recovery period, so I know it's not always easy to set up the way the people that don't do anything but work out do it.
Title: Re: M P 2.0 9 C
Post by: pop pop on January 08, 2018, 10:18:04 AM
I go to post-op Physical Therapy on Tuesday. Will find out more then. We will talk about my workout program and get their advice as well. My Dr set this up for me.  We hoping and planning on the best.
Title: Re: M P 2.0 9 C
Post by: pop pop on January 18, 2018, 07:17:03 AM
Got my new BladeTec Kydex OWB holster and It is not very comfortable. Don't know if it will be worn much am trying around the house. May be another for the holster bin. Well, it was only 29.00 so I am not hurt too bad.

Also got the Crossbreed Super tuck, combat cut, IWB holster, and I believe it is going to work out well. Am also wearing it around the house now. Really glad I got my 30.00 dollar belt a size too large. It fits perfectly. By the way I do recommend the 30. dollar belt. Well made. I got 2 of them. This holster (crossbreed) is comfortable even sitting. Sitting was where I had trouble with the Blade Tec.

Have not received my Aker OWB holster yet. Hope it works out better than the Blade Tec straight draw. I want OWB for church carry, if possible.

Watched The Best Defense program on TV last evening. The whole program was aimed toward an active shooter in church. Was quiet insightful and sure gave something to ponder, as far as training goes.

Sweetie said the program (scenarios) were not what she pictured, in her mind, and was very revealing to her. They stressed reaction too, and practiced drawing from weak side, should strong side arm be injured, and strong side as well. The program showed strong arm tactics and knife as a defensive tactic as well.

They stressed not to bring a knife to a gun fight(bad Idea), but was an alternative if you had nothing else to fight with. Myself, I am going with the gun route, as I am to old and feeble to be in hand to hand any longer. Will be pocket carrying on my weak side.
Title: Re: M P 2.0 9 C
Post by: CR Williams on January 19, 2018, 05:32:25 AM
Look at Gypsy EDC for holster options:

Used to be Infidel Arsenal. He made the holsters I posted about elsewhere here.