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Title: Home Invasion
Post by: pop pop on December 25, 2017, 06:41:05 AM
How many of you know about Richard Childress. He is a Nascar Team owner and engine builder for years. He owned the car and team behind Dale Earnhart. Richard is an avid hunter and has been for years.

Last week he had multiple home invaders in his home in N Carolina. The news reported they broke in at 1030 P M knowing he and his wife were home. Richard, after hearing glass breaking, met them with a pistol and fired several rounds at the intruders, but was unsure if he hit any of them. Much to be said for diminishing skills in the heat of a gunfight.

May be an update, but one must be ready for battle at any time.
Title: Re: Home Invasion
Post by: pop pop on December 26, 2017, 08:09:45 AM

Looks like it was three intruders, all wearing dark clothing, hoods, masks, and glasses. All carrying long guns, at least one with a box magazine, so some pretty serious firepower and some planning appears to have gone into this invasion. Apparently Richard told the responding deputies the only thing that kept he and his wife from harm were "God and the second amendment."

Glad all the good guys were unhurt in this and hopefully the bad guys get caught or at least learn their lesson. Always sobering when something like this happens, and I'm sure his security system is way more advanced than mine.

Richard is a wealthy, elderly man of prominance. Hard to imagine what these thugs were thinking, nor what they would have done to Richard, and his wife.

How safe is your house and are you ready? 

Guys, God may have saved Richard, and his wife, but He gave Richard a mind and the gumption to take a gun and defend he and his wife's lives.

Richard prepared himself beforehand, by purchasing the gun, developing the skill, and mindset to use it. They did not suffer because of that fact. Think about It!

(Proverbs 22;3) The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffers for it.

Richard hide behind the gun!
Title: Re: Home Invasion
Post by: pop pop on December 29, 2017, 07:19:39 AM
We live in the country (8 Mi out) and our home is somewhat secluded(no houses within line of sight). If a person/s enter my home he will need to come through the window, which have nails inserted in frame(can be removed by hand from inside) so they cannot be opened easily(plan to make them break glass in exterior storm window and main window) , or be let in by us. "That is my plan." Any suggestions how I can do it better?

We keep all outside doors locked 99% (unlocked only when entering or exiting) of the time we are at home. I have installed shatter proof (double pain with 3M plastic in-between) Larson Security storm doors on all my entry doors with substantial locking systems and heavy metal frames.

The entry doors are all solid oak doors with one having small 12" windows half way down. I also have 2 manual locks that can only be opened from the inside, plus the handle lock and a deadbolt. My deadbolts must have a key to open them from either side. All the screws are 3 1/2 " long and screwed into the 2x6 in the door jams to guard against kick-ins. One back door, we very seldom use has locks plus a 2x4 across it (can be removed from Inside) so it can not be opened from the outside. Outside my house is and stays well lit.

My plan is to make an intruder make noise before he can enter our home. If he makes noise then my barky dog will hear and bark, there-by giving my wife and I a little notice time to react. My EDC is on me except when I sleep(on night stand). Like others, other firearms are strategically placed(hid) throughout the home. We do not have any hid on the end of the house where intruders must make entry. If they get through this, who knows???????

Our most vulnerable times is entering and leaving our home.

Thinking of installing monitors(motion detector) on driveway (300' long from road) to alert us when vehicle comes near the home. Tried older game cameras, but were not able to get good pictures. Cameras may have improved over time????

I do not have a home monitoring system(cameras). What is your thoughts on them? We travel a lot and the house is empty weeks at a time.

I have done all this to try and avoid someone easily and quietly entering our home unannounced and forcing us to need to respond in a "potentially" bad situation. When children were younger, (twin daughters worked as car hops at Sonic drive in eatery) we had a man (later arrested pervert) follow one of them home, at midnight, and was peeping through windows at her sitting in my lazy boy chair(got description of car). Wife insisted/demanded I take precautions, there-by began the hardening of the exterior of our home.

All of this has taken place over time. Spent substantial money on prep(4 storm doors 1,600. outside lighting 1,000. etc). Any other suggestions?

We take this seriously!
Title: Re: Home Invasion
Post by: Taurian on December 29, 2017, 10:38:42 AM
"We take this seriously! "

As you should, pop pop!

I plan on upgrading my camera system this next year. With that said, the current system works. My home office is in the basement, where the monitor is set up. My dogs bark anytime someone is near or in the yard (like a the big brown truck). I can then look at the monitor and see what they are barking at.  With that said, the only thing that the cameras do, at this point, is provide a picture, which is fine while I am at home and in the home office.  Right now, I don't have recording capability, which I am going to add along with another camera.  Of course, if I am not at home, the recording would only provide some footage - it does not keep anyone away from the house, which is more desirable.

If I had my way (and the money), I would have an 8' privacy fence all the way around the property. Since I am an "suburbanite" the county won't allow me to do that in the front yard, but I am working on the back and one side yard (one side of the back yard is fully fenced in, while the other side and rear of the property is only partially fenced in). I hope to, next year, have the entire rear and side of the property fenced in and secured.  The way that I look at it, if someone wants to scale an 8' foot privacy fence, he must be serious about doing something that I would not like for him to do.

Camera surveillance is good, but its use as a deterrent is questionable. Luckily, my work schedule is such that I can work at home - that means that somebody is here and the coming and going pattern of occupants is varied, which is more of a deterrent (I believe) than simply hanging cameras. A good man with a camera merely records what the bad guy does. An armed good man; however...