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About Knives!
« on: January 22, 2016, 07:41:27 AM »
A good knife is essential for performing some everyday chores to saving your lie.  They can also be a threat to your life in the hand of someone bent on your destruction.  Education in several areas of knives and knife handling can be highly beneficial.  With this in mind, I have posted several link that may interest you.

Do not underestimate the knife (edged weapon) even in the hands of an unskilled user!

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Re: About Knives!
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Do not underestimate the knife (edged weapon) even in the hands of an unskilled user!


No kidding.

I was stabbed in the leg once.  Long boring story so I'll skip it.

I bled so much that I would have died from blood loss if I hadn't got to the hospital.

Oh yeah, I was in downtown Birmingham, AL (southside) when it happened, so just a few blocks from one of the hospitals.

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