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The Reverse Dozier
« on: January 03, 2016, 07:47:47 PM »
The ‘Dozier drill’ is based on the kidnapping of General James Dozier by the Red Brigade Marxist group in 1981. In that event the terrorist disguised themselves as plumbers. One of them had a submachine gun in their tool bag. They entered the apartment, produced the gun and took General Dozier captive, holding him for 42 days before he was rescued.
The Dozier drill involves one shooter facing four targets and another with a gun in a bag or box, usually not completely ready to pull out and shoot. (A round won’t be chambered or the magazine will not be in the gun or the gun will be partially disassembled, for example.) The first shooter must properly engage the four targets before the second shooter is able to get the bag gun into action to successfully complete the drill.
The Reverse Dozier starts the same way but in this case the shooter with the bag gun is the good guy. To run the Reverse Dozier:
Both shooters stand facing their targets, A four, B just one. A has choice of weapon, handgun, rifle, or shotgun, and once started will focus on getting quality shots and establishing a steady but not extremely quick pace to their shooting. B starts with their bag gun as it would normally be carried or set in reach of them.
Shooter A, simulating an active shooter, will begin firing on their own initiation.
Shooter B is required to first look at Shooter A once firing starts. They are not allowed to start their action on the sound of the shot. They must look and they must see A shooting. This is to simulate the “What’s happening?” processing delay that I believe will be present in an actual event.
Shooter B then must quickly access the bag gun and place one or more fight-stopping shots on the target in front of them. Only a good hit or hits in a good place will end the exercise.

Scoring is simple: How many did Shooter A “kill” before B got the stop in? Note that because they start the exercise A will have some hits in. This, I believe, reflects reality and is part of what this training exercise is meant to demonstrate.

Variations of the Reverse Dozier include but are not limited to:

Shooter B’s target is farther away than Shooter A’s by a large margin. Shooter B must set up and make an accurate long shot in this case.
The bag gun is some distance away. B must go and get the gun, get it into action, and then either engage from where they are (if the setup allows it) or get back to the line before engaging their target.
Shooter A must space their shots further apart to reflect a simulated hunt for victims.
Multiple targets for Shooter B. All must be engaged successfully before A will stop shooting.

You can undoubtedly come up with additional variants with a little thought.

Here, then, is the Reverse Dozier—an active-shooter drill you can do at your range. Here’s hoping you never have to put what you learn with this into practice.
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Re: The Reverse Dozier
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2016, 04:22:38 AM »
Interesting drill!
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Re: The Reverse Dozier
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2016, 02:09:33 PM »
My "BullDozer" drill consists of drawing whatever weapon is available to me at the time, plowing (dozing) through the threat, and plowing whatever stands in my way...under.

Personal injuries are a given.  I WILL be hurt! But the threat will hurt much more.

Ok...I already said I don't know the jargon!  He he

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EDITED: of course...I jest.
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