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New Holster
« on: November 03, 2015, 06:39:18 AM »
 I recently received a new SHTF Gear IWB holster for the 1911. While the previous 1911 holster from SHTF Gear was adequate for the Ruger SR1911CMD (and -1), a “Commander” length 1911 clone, I was not satisfied with the amount of barrel that extended below the Kydex shell.  Call me picky, but I want the shell to protect the pistol as much as possible. So, I ordered a new holster designed for a full-size “Government” model 1911, which has a 5” barrel. The result was a holster that protected the entire barrel on the “Commander” length 1911 pistol.
The previous holster, while adequate for a “Commander” length 1911 pistol, lends itself better for the Rock Island Armory CS version of the 1911, the “Officer” model with a 3.5-inch barrel length.
Before you ask (and I know that you would), the barrel of a full-size “Government” model 1911 does slightly extend beyond the Kydex shell on the holster designed for the 5-inch barreled 1911.  I have several IWB and OWB holsters that totally cover the barrel of the “Government” model, and subsequently, the barrels of shorter versions of the 1911.
I am getting ready to order a SHTF Gear IWB holster for the CZ 75B and have e-mailed SHTF Gear to determine how much of the barrel will protrude beyond the Kydex shell of the holster.

Note that both SHTF Gear holsters are extremely comfortable to wear even with my adjustment to increase the forward cant to my liking.

And while you might ask why don't I use the "Government" model holster for the "Office" model 1911, I can only answer that I try to take the minimalist approach to holsters; have a holster with enough length to do the job.  While I hate to say that shorter is better, it does apply to holsters IMHO.
Am I being too persnickety (Not , in deference, to being anal retentive because that would annoy you. You're not annoyed are you?) about protecting the muzzle?
Author’s Note:  You may notice that the sweat guard has been removed on both holsters.  I found that the sweat guard could interfere with the thumb safety when holstering the pistols so it was bye-bye sweat guard.  Without the sweat guard, I can get a full grip, with the thumb covering the top of the thumb safety lever, as I draw the pistol from the holster
“Commander” holster with Ruger SR1911CMD-A – Note barrel peek-a-boo.
“Commander” holster with RIA CS 1911 (“Officer” model) – Note full barrel coverage.
“Government” holster with RIA FS 1911 (“Government model) – Note barrel peek-a-boo.
“Government” holster with Ruger SR1911CMD-A (“Commander” model) – Note full barrel coverage.
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