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Shooting exercise
« on: April 28, 2015, 06:14:37 AM »
Can be done dry or live. For handguns only unless you want to run the rifle one-handed.

Get a weight, dumbbell or kettlebell or something you can hold in one hand, and pick a one-hand exercise. Example: A slow kettlebell clean and press to overhead (I use the corkscrew method of getting the kb back of the hand so this can be done slowly; if you use the 'flip' you'll have to run it faster. Okay either way.) Pistol/revolver in other hand. Perform the chosen exercise and as you are doing the movement you will do some drill or just a sight and press with the pistol. (I use a SIRT gun; that or DAO handgun seems best for this running it dry.) Do as many reps this way as you want and then switch sides and run it with the other hand each way. Go until you decide to stop.

Gets you used to running steadier under a load and disassociating your gun hand from the rest of you when necessary.

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