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Chase the Dot
« on: March 30, 2015, 05:28:05 AM »
This one is one that needs somebody else to help you with. It can be done with Airsoft or something like a SIRT trainer or it can be done live. You do need something that shows an impact point for this one, however.

Drill is simple. Take target or targets, take up gun, partner takes up laser pointer (make sure that it is visible in daylight if you're doing this outside--unless you're shooting at night or something like that).

Basic level - gun in hand and presented
Next level - gun in compressed ready position of some kind (I prefer compressed to low ready)
One after that - gun in holster uncovered
Finally - gun in holster under normal concealment

Partner will activate the laser and put the dot somewhere on a target. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to put a BB, another laser, or a hole where that dot is as quickly as possible. Once that's done the pointer goes off, you prep for the next, and the cycle repeats.

A second stage is to have the dot move to another position immediately after the first shot. You reorient and target and hit it again.

A third stage is for the dot to move (start slowly). You will be working to intercept it with your shot.

Add your own movement at any stage you feel like.
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