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     Ohio Bill 234 was signed by the Governor today and goes into effect on March 19, 2015. On that date the following changes will take place in Ohio Law and I will add them to the Ohio page on that date. Ohio will honor all other states permit/licenses when visiting Ohio. They will issue non-resident permit/licenses to non-resident employed in Ohio. They have removed the wording that a semi auto that could fire 31 or more rounds without reloading as a machine gun and have gone with the federal definition of more than one round fired with one press of the trigger.  An Ohio permit/license for those who move out of Ohio will remain valid until it expires. It can’t be renewed.  CLEO must sign for NFA firearms if you pass background check. Active Military and their spouse have a grace period to renew if deployed out of state. There are other changes all for the better.  Best thing is Colorado and Georgia will honor the Ohio permit right away. They honor everyone who honors them. TX, WI and PA have a good chance now of honoring Ohio. Texas for sure in the future and WI and PA most likely but not 100% sure. Time will tell on those three. You can view the bill by going here:

     Many news outlets are stating that Ohio will only honor some states. Here is the wording in the bill as signed by the governor.

     Sec. 109.69 (3) If, on or after the effective date of this amendment, a person who is not a resident of this state has a valid concealed handgun license that was issued by another license-issuing state, regardless of whether the other license-issuing state has entered into a reciprocity agreement with the attorney general under division (A)(1) of this section, and the person is temporarily in this state, during the time that the person is temporarily in this state the license issued by the other license-issuing state shall be recognized in this state, shall be accepted and valid in this state, and grants the person the same right to carry a concealed handgun in this state as a person who was issued a concealed handgun license under section 2923.125 of the Revised Code.   (I believe it is very clear they will honor all other states permit/licenses)

     On December 7th I added the statute wording on how each state honors other states  if they have such a statute.  I put it in the first section “Permits/Licenses This State Honors.”  Most are short but a couple that were very wordy were added to the Notes section of that states page with a note in the Permit/License section telling people to look in the Notes section.

     Still have the Long Guns in Vehicles Draft and have made some changes to it. You can view that document here:
and feedback would be greatly appreciated. It will be a standalone document on and will become a fixture early in the New Year. has a listing for State RKBA Organizations and State Specific RBKA Forums. Those links are in the left column of the main page at  The State RKBA’s Orgs are doing tremendous work at the state level. recommends if you are not a member of your state org that you join. If you have or are a member of a State RKBA Org or a State Specific RKBA Forum and it is not listed drop me an email at and I will list it. Regional RKBA’s Forums are also welcome. and I want to wish everyone a “Very Merry and Joyous Christmas” and may your New Year be all that you are seeking!!!
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