Author Topic: It is Cutting Time Today!  (Read 597 times)

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It is Cutting Time Today!
« on: November 30, 2014, 07:58:43 AM »
Today, and as soon as the gun shop/range opens, I'll be talking turkey on the M1A (loaded) long gun.

I woke up at 0300 hours with my evil twin thinking about it, got on the web to research it more, and made the decision that this would be the one, sans nostalgic thoughts of using the M14 while in the service of the U.S. of Army.

[attach=1]I'll be attempting to trade in an unfired Rossi R92 octagon-barreled stainless steel .38/357 magnum model for it to cut my cost as much as possible. This gun has been a safe queen and I have a version with a "case-hardened" steel receiver and a blued 24" octagon-barreled version in the same caliber - until it's time for it to go. Out with the old - in with the new.

I already lined up a sling for the M1A , an M14 cleaning kit because I used to love to hear the ratchet sound of the chamber brush (it was mesmerizing and it brought peace and tranquility to my troubled heart), and a source for magazines at a reasonable price.  A slip-on butt pad (for LOP) will soon follow.

Hopefully, today, a deal will be struck.
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