Author Topic: NH Drops AK . . . Long Guns in Vehicles Update  (Read 1361 times)

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NH Drops AK . . . Long Guns in Vehicles Update
« on: November 06, 2014, 04:34:15 PM »
On a sour note New Hampshire has removed Alaska from the list of states it honors. I have emailed the New Hampshire State Police but have received no reply.

Things have been going much better than I ever imagined. Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback. It has really helped! This is all still  in draft form. I will say that I caused some lively debate on some state forums. Information was exchanged and laws discussed and in some cases there was no clear answer.  Some depended on what the definition of IS is!  Had to throw that Is in there as some laws are so hard to understand and even read. It just showed how out of touch some lawmakers are/were when writing gun laws.

I have reworked the first page trying to explain that people need to look at Places off Limits etc on each States Page at Plus other information they need to be aware of. I have also made the states name on each section a link to that States Page at so they can access it easily.

The states I have information for still need looked at by others and feedback on what may need added or removed would be greatly appreciated. The biggest problem is that if there is no law against something it is legal. Laws are so varied and spread out in the Statutes/Administrative Rules and Hunting Regulations it can be tough to find some of them. Then if there is not a law against it you can search forever and there is nothing to find. I have been cautious on some state entries. I just dont have enough information and dont want to get someone arrested and maybe lose their gun rights. That is where your feedback can assist me. Then we get to the Catch 22 again as there may be no law against it so you cant show a statute/Rule Etc that states it is legal!

Below is a link to the latest Draft. Again feedback is most welcome! This is the same link to the first Draft Document. I just updated it. Thanks again to everyone who has assisted me. It is very much appreciated!
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