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Farnham drill variation
« on: October 30, 2014, 05:55:44 AM »
I'm still not sure what the actual Farnham drill is--I've seen at least five variations so far, but here's my version of it. This is a live-fire drill:

If you're running solo, load several magazines a day or more ahead of the range time. If you have somebody else handy, they can load a magazine for you. You'll need one with five rounds, four live and one dummy loaded randomly, and one with three. For the target, one plain sheet of paper and one 3x5 card. Put the paper up vertically and the card above it about six inches from edge to edge.

Load the 5-rd mag, put the 3-rd one where you normally carry reserves. Start this one at three yards. Run from normal concealment and position.

On the start, draw and fire five rounds into the paper, fixing the dud as you go. Gun goes empty, get the second magazine in and fire three rounds into the 3x5 card. That's the drill.

Count hits only if they are completely on paper. Any part of the shot hits an edge, count as a miss. Goal is to get all the hits as fast as you can.

Run this one slow first to get a baseline. Set yourself a goal and reach it. When you reach that goal, move to the five-yard line. Lather, rinse, repeat. Three, five, seven, ten yards is what I would recommend. Once you're where you want to be at ten, go back to three and start moving. Start-and-stop or dynamic recommended. (Categories of movement will be broken down in Volume 3 of my book series planned for release by end of November). If it's stop and start, move every time the gun stops. Repeat each phase with movement.

Next step is to cut the full sheet of paper in half and run 8.5 x 5.5 for lower target.

If you want to run a standard IDPA target, put a triangle on it with the base cutting the A zone in half and point centered at the base of the 'head'. Use the head box as normal.

No, I haven't run this myself yet. I only just now came up with it.

Have fun.
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