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Moving targets
« on: August 28, 2014, 06:25:59 AM »
Get a good-performing radio-controlled toy vehicle. As long as it can roll on whatever surface you have on your range any type or style will work. It probably needs to be fairly large because the next step is to set and secure a vertical rod of some sort to it. On this rod, you will tie balloons. An alternative is to purchase/create helium-filled balloons that are tied to the toy.

Usage is simple. Somebody steers it and you shoot the balloons. You could perhaps figure out a way to steer it with one hand or a foot yourself as well. Or find one that is programmable and put in a pattern for it to run. Different sized balloons and different color balloons can add to difficulty and be used as shoot/no-shoot targets or another shooter to engage. (Each shooter has a particular color, penalties for popping somebody else's, etc.)

Ain't got one myself yet. Have to pay for some other stuff first. After that, though, time to go shopping.
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Re: Moving targets
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Thanks CR.