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WV Honors NE. . . KY Update. . . Pesky Dogs!!!
« on: July 08, 2014, 06:16:19 PM »
West Virginia will now honor Nebraska. Surprised at the press this is getting since Nebraska has honored West Virginia for 5 years now. West Virginia has been adding states since their law change last year. They now will honor anyone who honors them. Only catch is they have to have a signed agreement or a signed letter from the Governor of the state saying that state honors West Virginia. Some states will not sign agreements and most Governors have nothing to do with deciding which states they will honor. Those in West Virginia who take care of this issue tried to get rules changed stating any letter from the Governor, Attorney General or the Person in Charge of their handgun Unit would be acceptable. WV Law is very specific. Signed Agreement by the authority in that state or a signed letter from that states Governor.  West Virginia only has Montana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington, Maine and Indiana as states they can add to their list of states they honor. MT, WI and IN already honor WV. I look for them to add some of them in the coming months. Time will tell.

Kentucky Law changes on or about July 17. They will now have electronic Applications and renewals. People moving into the state with a valid permit from a state that has a signed agreement with KY will be able to carry on that permit while waiting for their KY permit. There are some things the person must do but at least they can do something to stay safe while waiting for their KY permit. They also will set up a way for a person to get an Emergency Permit.

Two weeks ago PA and UT signed a reciprocity agreement. PA will honor only the UT Resident Permit. Well I updated the PA and UT pages on my computer and uploaded them to the site. For some reason the PA page never made it. A reader pointed it out to me. I know I couldn’t have done anything wrong!!!!!!  It had to be the same thing that happened to all those IRS Emails that got lost. “The Dog Ate It!!!!!!  . So found the dog and retrieved the file (only bitten twice) and put it on the site. A big Thank You to the reader who pointed out the dog for me! 
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Re: WV Honors NE. . . KY Update. . . Pesky Dogs!!!
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Thanks for all you do Gary!
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Re: WV Honors NE. . . KY Update. . . Pesky Dogs!!!
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Time will tell.