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Going Cold
« on: May 29, 2014, 02:15:32 PM »
One: This is really only applicable to training for counteroffensive shooting (sometimes referred to as gunfighting).

Two: This might not be a drill so much as a way to evaluate your progress and development.

Three: The reality is this still is not a true no-notice test. It is closer than we usually get to no-notice, however.

The process itself is very simple. You're going to move directly from the vehicle onto the firing line, produce your carry weapon, and shoot something. You'll want to set the eye and hearing protection where you can pick them up and put them on as you approach the line. There probably won't be a target set up for you, so pick something on the berm/backstop and shoot to that. Use what you carry and what you have loaded (consider it part of the normal rotation of carry rounds). Walk quickly, trot, or run to your firing point and (as long as your protective gear is in place), draw and fire three to five rounds. Holster and evaluate your results.

Goal is to fire a few rounds with as little notice and preparation ahead of time as possible.

Done with rifle, procedure is to get the rifle and one magazine or load (or the rifle-support bag if you have one set up) out of the bag or box, eyes and ears on, and to the firing line again as quickly as possible. This should be your normal truck or travel gun and it should be set up the way you do when you are traveling with it for use when you are able and when it is appropriate to get it into action.

If you have the option and are able, drive the car onto the firing area and either deploy and fire from inside the vehicle and/or deploy to a protected position using the vehicle and open fire.

If you regularly shoot with a partner, then you and them can agree to alternate random-start signals as you're pulling into your parking spot. Go then and shoot as described here.

You need to know how you'll do from a standing start. This exercise will help you do that. It won't give you a complete look, but it will be a useful start.
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Re: Going Cold
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2014, 02:21:26 PM »
If you don't have a place to practice, just park outside of a Jack-In-The-Box.  An opportunity will present itself.  ;D
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