Author Topic: UPDATE on Pennsylvania and Utah Reciprocity  (Read 1234 times)

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UPDATE on Pennsylvania and Utah Reciprocity
« on: May 13, 2014, 11:50:33 AM »
There is a good possibility that Utah and PA will sign a reciprocity agreement. is almost positive that when that happens it will be for Utah Residents only and that PA will not honor the Utah Non-Resident permit. The last 5 agreements PA has signed or updated were for Resident permits only from the states of Virginia, Florida, Arizona, Mississippi and Maine.

The PA AG is stating below on their site at

Pennsylvania has received notification from Utah officials that their law has changed and no longer complies with Pennsylvania law. Utah is now a Category 4 state. Holders of Pennsylvania and Utah permits will no longer be able to have their permits honored in each other's states. Likewise, individuals from other states holding Utah permits will not have their permits honored in Pennsylvania. Pa. permit holders may still apply for a non-resident permit for use in the state of Utah. The reason for this change was a recent determination that Utah's relevant statutory provisions are no longer compatible with Pennsylvania law. Pa. law requires that the statutes be substantially similar in order for the Attorney General to grant reciprocity. Finally, please know that Utah and Pennsylvania are currently negotiating a formal reciprocity agreement (Category 1) that when agreed to would permit residents of Pa. and Utah to have their permits recognized in each other's states.
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Re: UPDATE on Pennsylvania and Utah Reciprocity
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Thanks Gary!