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WI Honors NV. . . Other Changes Coming . . . Opinions
« on: April 24, 2014, 05:40:33 PM »
Wisconsin will now honor Nevada Permits issued/renewed on or after July 1, 2011. This is the 5th state that Wisconsin will honor based on a given date when the permit was issued.  This update to will be added in a few days.

Georgia, West Virginia, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi and Tennessee so far have changes to their laws this year that donít take effect until July 1. Kentucky July 15. That is when I will update those state pages as those changes affect existing law and the old laws are still in effect until that date. Georgiaís new law is getting all the press. Funny as the left is calling it guns everywhere but Georgia is just coming into line with many other states with not banning firearms in Churches, Bars and the Non-Sterile areas of airports.
Other states still have many bills pending. Usually the vast majority of bills never make it into law for one reason or another. Time will tell with these other states. So far nothing hugely anti gun has passed this year. Last year saw the big anti gun laws pass. Some states are scrambling to stop court rulings. California ban on Open Carry a couple years ago has come back to bite them. Without any way to carry outside the home it put them at odds with recent court rulings. The 9th Circuit ruling would also apply to Hawaii.

Hawaii has strange carry laws.  Though getting a permit to carry is almost impossible in Hawaii I am hearing that one was issued. In Hawaii each major island is also a county. Hawaii has five Counties and Permits issued in a county are only valid in that county.  To be covered in the whole state you would have to have 5 different permits. Most who live there would love to have just one. The recent court decisions may make that happen in the future.

I caught some flak on my opinion that Kansas has the best carry laws. I still believe that. No state has perfect carry laws in my opinion. Kansas just has the least places off limits and the government canít post property just buildings and soon if they donít have Armed Guards and Metal Detectors they canít keep you out. Colleges and Universities buildings are the same as any other Government Building.  Strong Parking Lot Storage Law, Preemption of all firearm (Concealed and Open Carry) and knife laws goes into effect July 1, 2014 and the big one to me is state law states: ďif you go past one of their AG Approved Signs they still have to ask you to leave first before you are in violation of the law.Ē You still have to get a permit to carry in Kansas but they are Shall Issue. There are other states that are close but Kansas wins in my book.

As for my opinion on where those with a permit/license can be banned from carrying  I list all those  places below.
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