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Delaware has done it again. First they just moved their Reciprocity list to a new page today. They have also put Virginia back on the list of states they honor. They listed Virginia as a state they would honor for most of 2013 but stated that on December 7, 2013 they would drop them. They did remove Virginia from their list shortly after that date. Now Virginia is back on their listing as a state they will honor. I state this with my tongue firmly planted firmly in my cheek: Beau Biden, who has Joe Biden’s genes, is the AG of Delaware!

Here is a good article for everyone who carries and travels should read.  Other states most likely have a similar system and have collected data from the other states on who has a permit/licenses to carry. also needs your assistance. There are so many bills in the different state legislatures that keeping track of all of them by myself is getting to be almost impossible. Especially the ones that are only small changes to the firearm laws in that state. If a law changes in your state I ask for a heads up from you on that change. The state and bill # are all I need. If there is a change please drop me an email at  and let me know. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. will be updated late this evening or early tomorrow with changes listed above.
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Re: Delaware/Virginia Reciprocity …Traveling & Transporting Firearms
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Time will tell.


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Re: Delaware/Virginia Reciprocity …Traveling & Transporting Firearms
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Hi Gary,

As usual; thanks for your hard work!

Here's what's on the board that I know of in Colorado:

HB 1041 - Allow concealed carry without a permit
HB 1151 - Repeal 15 round mag limit
HB 1097 - Sales & use tax holiday for guns & accessories

SB 094 - Repeal background checks for private sales
SB 038 - Prohibit governments from restricting firearms in an emergency
SB 090 - Expand exemptions to the private sales background check to include step-children
SB 100 - Repeal the mag ban
SB 135 - Allow firearms purchases in non-contiguous states as long as the purchase is legal in both states.

A Denver Post article on the debate and listing the bills is here:

Hope it helps!