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Spelling it out
« on: January 29, 2014, 08:16:46 AM »
Be advised, this one involves more physical effort than most.

The alphabet drill, large scale:

You're going to run successive patterns that spell the alphabet out in capital letters. The pattern in this case is large enough that you must go at least three steps, preferably five, to go through one leg of one letter. So if you're running an 'A', it's three to five steps to the point, three to five to the other leg, back up and across about halfway. Got it?

First level: Snap-shot at endpoints of each letter. So, doing 'B': Sprint forward to top of letter, fire, do the first curve or square to form top of B, fire, run next curve or square to form rest of B, fire. Doing C, either shoot, run the C, shoot, or run the C, shoot.

Second level: You will shoot on the move as you run the pattern. So, you shoot on each leg and the crossing of the A.

Optional: Fire as you make the transition step/turn at each point or part of the letter without pausing. So you would run the base of the E, fire as you turn to run the spine without pausing, fire as you turn to run the center line without pausing, fire as you turn back to the spine, as you turn up the spine, and as you turn to 'write' the top line of the E, all without pause as you make the direction change.

Note: You shoot back over your shoulder as needed on any given letter. You are not required nor is it expected that you will square to the target for any given shot.

Small scale: Run a letter pattern of one, not more than two steps distance on any part of the letter. This will have you shifting rapidly within a small area. Same levels and options as on Large scale.

Carry reloads, reload as necessary, preferably without stopping.

If you have someone to run you, they can call out letters at random for you to run, and/or designate multiple targets for you.

Goal is to complete as many letters of the alphabet as you can without, oh, collapsing, asphyxiation, throwing up, things like that, and to maintain useful hit capability throughout.

Run with rifle, pistol, shotgun, longbow, slightshot, etc. You can run the small-scale pattern with airsoft or something like SIRT indoors.
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