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Idaho/Washington Reciprocity. . . Corps of Eng Injunction
« on: January 18, 2014, 05:30:00 AM »
Idaho is reporting that they have signed a reciprocity agreement with Washington for their Enhanced Permit Only. Idaho was stating for weeks that this was pending and have now stated an agreement has been signed. The Attorney for the AG’s Office assigned to the Idaho State Police told me via email that they have talked to Washington via phone (Monday 1/13)  and Washington will honor the “Idaho Enhanced Only.  Washington confirmed this for me via phone.   To see the Idaho state listing go to this page:  click on “License to Carry Concealed Weapon” in the header then scroll to the bottom of the panel that opens and click on CWL Reciprocity With Other States.  There is no direct link to the listing. Idaho honors all other states permit/licenses and their list is just a list of states they have signed with that will honor them. Washington State Reciprocity List can be seen here:  Washington has not updated their site as of this posting.

The US District Court for Idaho has issued a preliminary injunction against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from enforcing 36 C.F.R. § 327.13 banning firearms on Corps Property. The Corps has jurisdiction over all the waters their dams back up and even buys many acres around such lakes. Even property leased to a state for a state park on their lakes still falls under the Corps Jurisdiction from what CoE Attorneys have told me via phone conversation in the past. This is a District Court Ruling and more litigation is forthcoming as this is only a preliminary injunction 

“In a decision filed last week in U.S. District Court, Judge B. Lynn Winmill ordered the Corps to stop enforcing the ban immediately. Winmill only has jurisdiction over the District of Idaho, so the injunction only applies to corps land within the state, said Wendy Olson, U.S. Attorney for the district.”

  This is a good first start on getting it to a higher court or the Corps of Engineers realizing that they will lose and remove the Regulation. They are not spending their money but our money so it will most likely end up in a higher court. You can read the ruling at:
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Re: Idaho/Washington Reciprocity. . . Corps of Eng Injunction
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Thanks Gary!
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