Author Topic: Shooter in 'crowd' - for airsoft or moving target ranges  (Read 1879 times)

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Shooter in 'crowd' - for airsoft or moving target ranges
« on: December 22, 2013, 02:16:58 PM »
You should run this with Airsoft so that you can hate me afterwards for suggesting it.  8)

You'll need at least two sets of Airsoft gear. If you use the variant with live 'crowd' members, you'll need protective gear for them but only two guns. Without collateral, volunteers available you'll need to be able to set up at least three props or targets, all at people height and width. Three at least, more if you can and want to.

With Airsoft, drill is simple. Set yourself  at whatever distance you want (no good if you go beyond the good Airsoft range, wimp), facing the props and 'shooter'. Shooter starts anywhere on one side or between bystanders. On start, shooter will weave between the bystanders while shooting at you. Your job is to shoot him without hitting a bystander. Oh, and it would be good if you could avoid being shot while you're at it. (That part is important.) Shooter can stop behind a bystander and use it for cover for one or two shots but is not allowed to set up a hostage position. He can also bob and weave and go momentarily to a knee.

Got it? You can move if you want, however you want, including charging if that's what you want.

Start with bystanders in line far enough apart for shooter to move between them. As you go, you can start moving bystanders nearer or farther. If they're live bystanders, first have them stand still, later one of all of them can mill about as long as they stay in proximity of the shooter.

Doing it with live fire, you'll need a moving target that crosses behind or between the bystander targets. Again, move as you wish.

You could set up a static shooter target and move to get some idea of the problem being addressed. It's better than nothing if it's all you have.

You can add nearby cover or other obstacles as you wish.

I'll likely post another drill before end of year and take January off. The one coming is one anyone can do, but you'll hate me for suggesting you do it if you do run it.  ;D
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Re: Shooter in 'crowd' - for airsoft or moving target ranges
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2013, 03:14:43 PM »
Good drill, CR. I could see a few scenarios coming out of this exercise.
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