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New forum website to check out
« on: December 22, 2013, 03:26:41 AM »
Don't know for sure where to post this and I am not taking anything away from this site but for those who are looking for a good informative forum site you may want to check out this new site.

There has been changes happening at Warrior Talk and SI for the last year or so. There has been a change in his (Gabe's) training agenda for me. I don't wish to become a military fit, hard as a rock assault team member. It also seemed to being getting harder to express your thoughts and view if they were different than his. Plus a big push for the hardware tool sales of the week, with last weeks tool being junk, being sold through his One Source website store.

With the new year coming several of his top trainers are gone. 4 of them have started their own group, with a website.

Here is how they explain their goals:

Paragon Pride's mission is to provide the highest quality training available through proven concepts that focus on the student rather than equipment.

Paragon Pride is the coalition of 4 training companies operated by men who view this as a calling, not just a business. Under this umbrella of excellence you will find Roger Phillips/Fight Focused Concepts, Dr. John Meade/Statdoc Consulting, Don Robison/Dynamic Response Training, and Eric Pfleger.

General information
Paragon Pride grew out of a desire to be excellent in all things. Something we could be proud to be involved in doing. Paragon Pride is not business, but it is a coalition of four training companies that collectively offer tactical rifle, pistol, shotgun, sniper, and medical training. Paragon Pride is a central location to find the training that suits your needs.

Site has been up for a very short time but from what I'm seeing it's what WT was when I first found it, a good gathering place of those who's interest is becoming a better protector of self and loved ones.

Check it out and see what you think.   
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Re: New forum website to check out
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2013, 07:26:24 AM »
Thanks for posting this up Bill.

Trying to get all Roger's old posts read, or at least copied in case they are taken down. Huge amounts of great info there and a thinking mindset that I envy greatly (while trying very hard to build it in myself!).