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South Carolina and New Mexico have signed a reciprocity agreement. SC requires signed agreements while NM has honored SC for some time now.

Again I need to post a warning. Nevada has dropped both Missouri and Rhode Island as states they honor. Pennsylvania has stopped honoring Idaho. Other RKBAís groups out there are still reporting that NV honors MO and RI and that PA honors ID. Be careful!

The Mississippi Supreme Court has struck down the lower court order putting a hold on Open Carry in Mississippi. Everyone knew that was the only logical decision the court could make but everyone had to wait for the decision. has just completed checking all the links on all the state pages and major documents on the site. The updated files will be uploaded to the site late Friday or early Saturday. We try to check all the links every 6 months. (There are over 1000 links on all those documents.) The one thing that really frustrates me on any site I visit is clicking on a link and getting an error page or page not found. If you find a broken link on I ask that you click on contact us at the bottom of the main page and let me know. I just need to know it no longer is working. I can take it from there. Thank you!  does not get political and just reports the laws. That doesnít mean we donít have strong beliefs about the RKBAís! The Colorado recall election is extremely important as can be seen by the amount of money being poured in from outside sources on both sides of the issue. This is one we MUST WIN!!! This will send a message to all other politicians that they must respect our rights or pay a huge price!  Help in any way you can as the outcome will affect us all!
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Time will tell.