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EDIT - I stated that AL would issue a Vehicle Carry Permit Only to those who wished to carry in a vehicle. That item was stripped from the bill before it was sent to the governor. I looked at the previous version. I have removed that wording from the below post. Gary Slider

Starting August 1, 2013 Alabama will honor all other states permit/licenses and Alabama becomes a “Shall Issue” state. Alabama issued like a Shall Issue state but some Sheriffs were putting additional restrictions on the permit/licenses they issued. I was mainly hearing they restricted carry on the permit/license they issued in places that serve alcohol. They can no longer do that. Also their yearly permit/license can now be issued at the applicants request for 1 to 5 years.

On Aug 16 Arkansas will join the group of states that honor all other states permit/licenses.
North Dakota now allows Restaurant Carry. This law becomes effect August 1, 2013. As I write this North Carolina has sent a bill to the Governor to allow Restaurant Carry and removes some places that are off  limits plus other  revisions to t heir Firearm Laws.  If the Governor signs this the bill the new law will take effect October 1, 2013.
2013 has been a very busy year for Many states have been changing their firearm laws. Illinois joined the ranks of states allowing Concealed Carry. Kansas made major changes in their law. We added an “Open Carry Section” to each states page. Questions via email have gone up tremendously and I have answered every one of them.  Many times I have to tell people to contact an Attorney or talk to the agency that issues permit/licenses. This is the first time in the 18+ years that I have been doing this that I felt a little overwhelmed. The plus side to feeling overwhelmed is that the vast majority of changes have been positive for us who carry firearms for Self Defense!

In late July was responding sometimes with an “Over Bandwidth” page when people were trying to access the site.  I am not a computer geek (Wish I were!) and this is the way I understand it as explained to me by Steve.

This was not caused by being over our allotted bandwidth. This was caused by a “denial of service” attack from two Servers. One in California and the other in Pennsylvania.  This went on for a week before the issue could be tracked down and the IP addresses blocked. It was a sophisticated attack not just someone messing around. We hope this solves the problem. We doubled our bandwidth a few months back and we have plenty of bandwidth to serve all the legitimate visitors to the site. We do not know who was behind the attack we just know where it was coming from. The attackers were not in California or Pennsylvania. They were just using those servers. Steve and our ISP put in many hours working together tracking down and blocking the attack.

I can’t say, “Thank You” enough to those who have assisted me with the law changes. I could never do this by myself. Thank you! has been updated to show the changes that have gone into effect as of today. Other changes will be added to the respective state pages on the date their new laws become effective.
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Re: Alabama, North Dakota, Arkansas, North Carolina Law Changes!
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As always, thanks Gary!
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Re: Alabama, North Dakota, Arkansas, North Carolina Law Changes!
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As always, thanks Gary!


You do great work and I spread the word whenever I can to folks traveling or asking about gun laws about your site and it's great content.