Author Topic: more official stupidity!11 yr old suspeneded from school for talking about guns  (Read 972 times)

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Knowledge is the key and the way to get it is communication. AKA- talking. Is it just me or does anyone else find this stuff staggeringly stupid?


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I'd just read this and posted it when I saw Robert'd posted it before I had, so I removed my post.

My lead in comment to the whole thing was "Here we go again!  Yet more stupidity in a local school system!  Dear God I fear for what we are becoming!"

I find this all incredulous!!!
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First, they *want* victims folks. That's how you justify more government intervention. Secondly, The way to create fear and get away with irrational solutions is to defeat knowledge, you start that by closing down the discussion.

This is why the Nazi burned books and the Kymer Ruge (sp?) killed anyone who might have been educated. You have to dumb down a society to control it.

Whether this is the intent (and anyone involved would deny it I'm sure) or not, this is the outcome you are promoting. No conspiracy theory needed, no guessing as to intent needed. Intent doesn't even really come into it. Closing down discussion and removing the ability gain knowledge go right along with that other method (punishing those who stand up for themselves or others) in creating sheep rather than men and women of conviction and morals.

I'm sure the school would be mightily offended to be compared to such regimes as noted above but they are using the same methods so...


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... You have to dumb down a society to control it....

The way our school system has begun, there has been much progress in dumbing our society down.
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