Author Topic: editing your post. - You now have 24 hrs to go back and edit your post.  (Read 2491 times)

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Robert Harvey

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editing your post. - You now have 24 hrs to go back and edit your post.
Time will tell.


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Thank you Robert!


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Thank you Robert!
+1  Now I have 24 hours to rectify any attacks of "open mouth, insert foot"!  Thanks!
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So, now I have 24 hours to analyze the inappropriateness of my replies?  I like that because, everyday is a new day for me and I might awaken one morning to find out that my previous day's post was foreign to my way of thinking today.   :o 
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Benghazi was a spontaneous act.  There were no terrorists involved.

(I will be back in 24 hours to change the facts)   >:D
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