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New Mexico has added South Carolina to the list of states it honors. They are NOT reporting a signed agreement. They have been saying for the last year they wanted signed agreements. Time will tell. You can view the NM DPS and the SC Listing Here:

Kansas will begin honoring all other states permit/licenses starting July 1, 2013. This brings to 16 the number of states that will honor all other states permit/licenses or no permit/license is required to carry. The Governor signed it April 5th.

The Utah Governor vetoed a Constitutional Carry Bill. There is talk of an override but from all I read it will be difficult.

As everyone is aware Colorado, Maryland and New York passed very restrictive gun laws. A few other states are talking about more restrictions. Again time will tell but we are not losing ground in most states and are actually gaining.

More states are passing pro gun and pro carry laws. I have been busy trying to keep up with all the changes. Many will not take effect until a legislature has adjourned for a set time period or by a certain date like Kansas and July 1. I want to thank those who have sent me information. It is very much appreciated because without your assistance I couldn’t keep as up to date as it is. Again Thank You!

It will be July 1 until the Kansas info is added  and other changes will be added on a timely basis unless it is of critical importance. My next scheduled update is Friday April 12, 1013.
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Re: New Mexico Honors South Carolina – Kansas to Honor All – Other Info
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Thanks for all the updates Gary, all you do is much appreciated.
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