Author Topic: Gear Review - Fox Tactical Butt Stock Shotgun Cheek Rest  (Read 4052 times)

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Gear Review - Fox Tactical Butt Stock Shotgun Cheek Rest
« on: March 23, 2013, 01:54:36 PM »
I had previously reported on the Fox tactical Butt Stock Rifle Cheek Rest in thread,4879.0.html.

I was impressed by the product so I decided to see if Fox Tactical also made a left-handed model for a shotgun and it just so happened that they did. I ordered one and received it in today.

Since I had reported on the rifle version of this product I see no reason to say the same things about the shotgun version, but I will add a few things. If you would like to read about the rifle version, read,4879.0.html and return to this thread concerning the shotgun version.

Essentially, the shotgun version is the same as the rifle version with the exception that the two hook-n-loop panels hold shotgun shells. Well, duh! And, I might add, they hold 10 (5 each) 20 and 12 gauge shells with equal ferociousness.

Like the rifle cheek rest, the inside pouch of the shotgun cheek rest is easily accessible via a plastic zipper. The zipper is stitched very well and should hold up to the rigors of field use.

Since evaluating the rifle cheek rest, I discovered that the end of the fastening straps can be tucked under the rest to stow them out of the way. Beneath the metal loops, of which the fastening straps are passed, a double loop of material beneath each metal loop helps to prevent the metal loops from rubbing against the stock at the cheek rest fastening fastening points, which makes for a pleasing look once the rest is mounted securely.

Once the cheek rest is mounted to your satisfaction, the unused portion of the fastening straps can be trimmed back-  but I decided to leave them in place since my Mossy 500 (Boo-Boo) might not be the only shotgun to utilize this cheek rest. Since they do not hurt anything by leaving them their original length I did so.

I ordered the Fox Tactical Butt Stock Shotgun Cheek Rest in the same color as the rifle cheek rest for my Mosin Nagant rifle - "Foliage Green", as I thought that it would look good with the "Ghillie Green" over-molded stock and forearm from Hogue. However, it can be purchased in other colors such as black and O.D, Green. Like the rifle cheek rest, it can be fitted to most stocks. However, there are limitations to everything this unit does fit slightly loose on my Mossberg 500 20 gauge (Baa-Baa). However (there's that word again), I stuck a piece of motorcycle inner tube on top of the stock and mounted the cheek rest over top of it and it was fine (Note: do not include the valve stem when doing this as the cheek rest does not work well with the valve stem and you might get poked in the eye; remove the valve stem).

The padded cheek rest, with my cheek resting against it (ya' think that's why they call it a "cheek rest" DiNozzo?), gives me an almost perfect shotgun sight picture with Boo-Boo's fiber-optic front sight just where I need it - on target.

Having the cheek rest mounted with 10 rounds of extra shotgun ammo gives me warm fuzzies (5 slugs on the inside panel and 5 each of 00 Buck in the outside panel). With the 6 rounds (3-slugs and 3-#4 Buck) in the side saddle and whatever I need loaded, that gives me a substantial amount of ammunition. Even with firing two loads in the air as Uncle Joe advises (this ain't happening, believe me), I would still have plenty at hand should the bad folks still not be persuaded by this show of idiocy.

Obviously, 10 additional rounds of shotgun ammunition will add weight to the firearm. If you like your shotgun light, you may not want to add this product, but if the advantage of having 10 extra rounds at hand is important, well...

As a closing note, and because I failed to mention it in the rifle cheek rest write-up, a rear strap is available to help the cheek rest from sliding forward. Like the other fasteners, this too is hook-n-loop. The cheek rest seems to stay in place without it, though.

I bought mine, as I did the rifle cheek rest, through Amazon. If you would like to peruse these products, here is a link:

In all, I am very satisfied with the arrangement and the "Foliage Green" matches up well with the "Ghillie Green" of Boo-Boo's stock. See the attachments for photos.
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