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Gear Review - Fox Tactical Butt Stock Rifle Cheek Rest
« on: March 16, 2013, 04:39:02 PM »
Being a left-handed long gun shooter has its disadvantages. Not many, but one in particular; the lack of left-handed shooter accessories.

I was looking for a cheek rest to fit my Mosin Nagant project rifle. I really wanted a cheek rest that could hold extra rounds and right-handed cheek rest that hold extra rounds just do not cut it. Well, actually, they do cut it and it is usually a cheek cut by the spare cartridges that protrude from the cheek rest. A search for a left-handed cheek rest that would hold spare ammo was in order.

I happened across some of the Fox Tactical gear and went to for a look. Fox Tactical Gear has a "lefty" butt stock rifle cheek rest that holds 14 rounds of ammunition; 7 outside and 7 inside. I thought that it was worth a try.

I received the product in short order, as is usual from Upon opening the package and doing a quick assessment of the product, my first thought was, "What's up with all this Velcro?" There are straps and loops and all fastened with, you guessed it, Velcro!

I pulled the Mosin from the safe and proceeded to see if I could actually use this thing. The first step was to adjust the straps to fit the stock. Enter the Velcro. The straps are simply pulled away from the Velcro backing on the inside of the cheek rest and then adjusted for the best length. When mounted on the stock, the straps are fed through a single rings and attached to - Velcro. There is a lot of strap lengths to fit various stock sizes and three straps make adjustment easy; albeit trying the patience a tad. There is also a strap that goes around the butt to help secure the cheek rest. I found that I really did not need it.

On to the important part - means of carrying spare ammunition. The cheek rest has a side panel of (again) Velcro. A removable panel backed with (one more time) Velcro has seven loops for securing seven rounds of ammunition. I found that 7.62x39 is too small to be held securely but .30-30, .308, .30-06, and 7.62x54R fit real nice and snug. You get not only one panel to mount outside but another to mount seven more rounds in the plastic-zippered pouch that has a (wait for it) Velcro liner to attach the second panel. Actually, the pouch could hold more than just ammunition. You could also use it to store a "bore-snake", a cell phone, beef jerky snacks or Gummi Bears. It does well; however in securing ammunition. Aside from the provided ammunition panel, I found that I could also fit two stripper clips of ammunition or just loose ammunition although I would have to be careful about unzipping the pouch too far lest I lose loose ammo.

The cartridge panels are stout and well stitched with elastic loops for holding cartridges.They adhere to anything Velcro backed (including my Velcro-lined liner belt so you could mount them on anything that is virtually velcro'd.

Opposite the pouch, you have the cheek rest. Slightly padded but, after all, this is not a pillow. I found it padded just enough where I could use the open sights even with the Brass Stacker scope mount in place. A slight raise of the head and I was aligned with the forward-mounted scout scope. After all, the reason I bought this cheek rest was to replace my UTG cheek rest that was now to high to use with the iron sights, as I had removed the rear sight to work with a different scope mounting system. The Brass Stacker system allows me to use the iron sights and the scope. I love this country!

I ordered mine in "Foliage Green", as I thought that it would look good on my Mosin with its real-tree patterned, monte carlo stock that is no longer available from ATI. However, it can be purchased in other colors as long as its black. Actually, it can be found in O.D, Green. The product is well made and is easily adaptable to most stocks. It does not interfere with the action and I can remove the Mosin's bolt without having to remove the cheek rest.

The product works as intended. It provides me with an additional 3-reloads plus two capacity for the Mosin just with the provided cartridge panels. Like most things these days, it is made in China.

For a summary, the product is a butt stock rifle cheek rest that has a no-slip padded cheek rest. It has a zippered utility pouch and 2 strips with elastic loops for ammo storage. Hook and loop fasteners are used throughout. And, according to Fox Tactical Gear, this product is "Combat Spec Built - Mission Ready." Fox Tactical, Fox Outdoors, and Ultimate Arms Gear - same church, different pew, all have versions for your perusal.
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Re: Gear Review - Fox Tactical Butt Stock Rifle Cheek Rest
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2013, 08:34:34 PM »
something like this may work for my shotguns

Time will tell.