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This One Made the Top 10 With Me
« on: March 16, 2013, 02:22:46 PM »
Having once owned a cutlery shop and being around knives for a very long time, it is hard for me to get excited about edged devices. I do give knife designers and manufacturers credit for innovation, but I find most knives as unusable or a danger to the user. A rare occasion presents itself; nonetheless, and this is one of them.

The Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife with Fixed 1095 High Carbon Steel Blade and Black Kraton Handle and Sheath has been touted as one of the best survival knives on the market today. My interest peaked, I went to, typed in the model number, and there it was. No, not the knife but a good description of it and many positive comments accompanied the description. It also was not in stock. After reading the description and perusing some other sites for information. I returned to Amazon and ordered it; they would ship it when it came in. Marvelous! Simply marvelous.

Almost a month had gone by when I received it. I eagerly opened the box and was pleasantly surprised. This knife immediately made my top ten list of knives. I can see why it is touted as one of the best survival knive. Now, it's my turn to tout.


  • Schrade Extreme Survival , Black Kraton Handle, Plain
  • Part Number SCHF9
  • Item Package Quantity 1
  • Warranty DescriptionLimited Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturing defects
  • Weight 15.9 Ounces
  • Length 8 inches
  • 6.4" blade, 5.6" handle
  • Width 5 inches
  • Height 13 inches
  • 1095 High Carbon Steel
  • Kraton handle
  • 15.9 ounces
  • Includes nylon sheath
The product specifications belies the quality of this knife. This is one well-made knife and, if you can find one, you really need this knife.

The first thing you will immediately notice and recognize is the design of the knife.The "belly-foward" Griffin design is becoming common with survival knives. Not only does it add thickness to the profile of the blade but it also adds strength and mass during a downward sweep of the knife. Surprisingly, the knife is very well balanced although slightly heavy on the handle side. And, that brings us to one of the strong points (no pun intended) of the knife as I see it - the handle.

I don't have beefy hands but I wear an X-tra large glove. The Beretta 92 fits in my hand perfectly, as does my Stoeger Cougar 45, and I prefer a large handle on things that I hold for utility purposes (I put grip sleeves on my Glocks to get a better fit). I also do not like the thought of my hand sliding forward on a knife handle as what comes after it is a lot of stitches and possibly a missing digit or two. The scales of the Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife are made of Kraton and fastened to the knife via eight robust hex screws (4/side). The scales are textured for a positive grip but are not aggressively textured and are very comfortable. The width of the handle actually fits my hand and I can quickly grasp this knife without searching all over the handle for a decent purchase. Finger grooves afford a positive grip and a ridged choil give my thumb a place to rest when slicing and dicing. In addition, a large finger guard prevent the hand from riding forward toward the blade. The ricasso is a finger groove that allows you to hold the knife. That is a big plus, in my book.

The butt of the knife has a lanyard hole and is far enough rearward to also serve the task of "nut-cracking" or attribute greatly to blunt-force trauma to those on the receiving end.

The knife is full-tang, meaning that it is of one-piece construction and a hefty piece of construction it is. The back bone of the knife is a full 1/4"! If you like batoning, this knife will flat take all you give it.The blade; however, is not symmetrical on this particular knife. It seems that the grinding was a little off toward the point of the knife and the angle-of-grind is more on one side than the other - or less on one side than the other, depending on how you look at things. In the grand scheme of things this will not matter, but who likes a lopsided blade? To whomever, or whatever, I cut with this knife (including myself) the symmetry of the blade will be of little concern as compared to the amount of damage this knife will extract. The chisel-point cutting edge could do some serious damage.

What normally would be a false blade, this portion of the knife is a continuation of the back bone until it tapers to the very point of the knife.

The material, as stated in the description, is 1095 High Carbon Steel. Although many prefer stainless over carbon, carbon knives will provide a lifetime of service if maintained. The meta, with the exception of the cutting edge,l is coated with a high-quality coating that protects the knife from the elements. It came with a light coating of what I assumed to be oil but I wiped this off and applied my own favorite oil - Ballistol.

The one thing that you need to be aware of if you decide to buy this knife - it comes to you sharp out of the box, with the blade housed in cardboard. This may be one of the few knives that I will leave "as-is" until necessary to sharpen.

The sheath is of nylon construction, having both positives and negatives in its design. There is a plastic liner that stores the knife when in the sheath and prevent the knife from cutting the sheath. An adjustable, Velcro-lined strap with metal snaps secures the knife when in storage. A piggy-back pouch allows you to carry a sharpener or even a small folder knife. The piggy-back pouch can be removed, as it is held in place by two Velcro straps.The piggy-back pouch cover is secured with a buckle and Velcro. The belt loop is also Velcro and will attach to a 2" belt without a problem. At the bottom of the sheath are two holes in which a nylon lanyard is threaded for securing the sheath to the upper thigh - or not. If you like Velcro, the sound of Velcro, and the feel of Velcro against your skin, you will really like this sheath.

Some have stated that this is not a fighting knife. Well, duh! What part of "survival" don't you get? Weighing in at a respectable 15.9 ounces pretty much takes this knife out of contention as a fighting knife; it lacks the lightness needed for a fast moving fighting knife. I'll keep my K-Bar for that. However, if this was the only knife that I had at the time somebody wanted to have a knife fight and I didn't have my personal defense tool, the sheer weight of the knife would make up in depth of penetration as compared to what it might lack in quickness of use. This would be the knife that says, "I may not cut you quick and often, but I will cut you once and deep."

So there you have it; my impression of the Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife with Fixed 1095 High Carbon Steel Blade and Black Kraton Handle and Sheath. For the money, I can see why it is highly-rated among people who are really into survival and survival tools. It's not a do-all tool, but this knife should handle anything that I need it for. Among the top ten knives (that I have), this knife makes the grade and rates high.

In a pistol/knife combination, my choice would be the Beretta 92FS to pair up with this knife.

The price on this knife keep heading upward. I bought mine @, which seemed to have the best price as compared to others I found.
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Re: This One Made the Top 10 With Me
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2013, 03:43:24 PM »
excellent review.
Time will tell.