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The Change-Up
« on: March 01, 2013, 05:57:52 AM »
A caution, ladies and gentlemen: This one is more physical than most. You can actually perform it as light exercise if you wish, in fact. It requires a degree of flexibility, strength, and body/balance control that is not usually considered necessary by handgunners especially. Go slowly with this first, and modify it as necessary to your personal circumstances.

This drill should be done with both rifle and pistol. Don't make the mistake of thinking it applicable only to the rifle.

The full-circle aspects of the drill are to be run dry unless you have access to a 360-degree range.

The drill is simple: You are, or can easily become, aware of the basic shooting positions--standing, squatting, kneeling, sitting, prone. Research also these options--extended, sometimes called Spetznaz, prone, roll-over prone, reverse prone. There may be others you can pick up on as well.

1st level of drill: Choose one position and spend a few moments pointing and moving the weapon to cover a 360-degree circle. Carefully and slowly stretch and twist to determine how far you can go in any direction and work on switching your base to be able to cover the rest of the circle Example: From kneeling, you will need to shift to the opposite knee to turn full circle. Go both directions. Shift hands/sides as necessary to keep the weapon up and oriented. (When doing this prone, you will be shifting between variants of prone positions and not maintaining a given prone position. That's okay.)

Go through each position in turn, 360 degrees, both sides, each hand.

Level 1a: Start in a ready position but not pointed in. (Handgun can be in holster, rifle would be in Sul or other carry position. Pick one position and present the weapon to a target as you move into that position. Drill should be repeated with targets in different directions. (Combine this with 8-Directions drill, for example.) Example: Standing, rifle in Cradle carry, move to kneeling as I bring the rifle to firing position. I would draw the pistol from concealment and present as I assumed kneeling in the same way.

2nd level: You will keep the weapon oriented to one target throughout. Beginning with standing unsupported, go through each position in sequence, shifting position, pausing to check point, shifting position, checking point. Standing to squatting to kneeling to sitting prone or extended prone, standing to kneeling to extended prone, standing to kneeling to sitting, whatever sequence you choose, the key here is to move smoothly and more or less continuously between positions and postures while keeping the weapon pointed in.

2a: Adjust to different targets as you move between positions.

Live fire: Go from standing ready to a chosen position and make a snap-shot. This is a reactive-shooting drill, not a precision-shooting drill. Goal is to assume a reasonable position and make the best shot you can. With either rifle or pistol, begin at shorter ranges than you want to or think you should. This is not a one-hole drill, this is a end-fight-quickly drill.

Live fire: Present and fire as you are assuming the position chosen. So if I'm working to sitting with the pistol, I draw and fire as I drop, set my position on the ground, and fire a quick fully-aimed shot.

Live fire: Flow through positions, firing one shot at each position, pausing only long enough to fire that shot before shifting position.

Live fire: Maintain a steady and continuous fire as you move to and through and between each position. If you incorporate magazine changes, do them from whatever position the weapon goes dry in. If there's a malfunction, deal with it from whatever position it occurs in.

Don't forget to run these with both hands/on both sides.

IMPORTANT: Stay inside of your physical capability! If you can't get into a position, don't try, drop it from any sequence you do. Try and get to where you can put it in later, but don't force it. No need to damage yourself. Stretch your capability and limits, yes, but be smart about how you do it. 
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Re: The Change-Up
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thank you.
Time will tell.