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Kickstart's Gashed Potatoes
« on: November 19, 2012, 05:00:15 PM »
Kickstart’s Gashed Potatoes

This is quick and can be adjusted for as many or as few people as you have at the table.  I like mine pretty spicy, so you can back off the condiments, if you have a delicate palate…or you’re a wuss!


1 or 2 good sized potatoes (You can use Russets or Yukon Gold, but most any other is fine.)
Sharp knife
Butter or margarine (about ½ a stick, melted)
Olive oil
Garlic cloves
Frank’s Red Hot sauce

Heat the oven to 375 and, while it’s building up a good head of steam, prep the spuds by slicing each one width-wise, like a salami, but don’t cut all the way through.  Leave about ¼ inch attached, and make the slices about 1/4 inch thick.

Cut the garlic cloves into slices (elephant garlic is great for this!) and put a slice in each cut of the spuds.  Drizzle the melted butter over and into the slices and the potato, and then salt and pepper to taste.  Now put about three good shakes of the Frank’s hot sauce over each potato.  I like to put some in each slice, but that’s just me.

Put about 1 tablespoon of olive oil in the bottom of a square metal pan so the spuds don’t stick and then toss them into the oven for 50 minutes.

Depending on your oven, they should come out with a tasty brown butter glaze on top and be kind of crunchy.  They’re real good with ribs or even grilled salmon, but you can eat them with almost anything, including chili!



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