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« on: November 17, 2012, 05:00:58 PM »
"Newcomers to Concealed Carry" is dedicated to answering your questions, and even addressing your fears, as you enter the world of self-defense weaponry, shooting techniques, and concealed carry in general.

The most important thing I can think of to write, in this "Welcome!" thread, is that there are no stupid questions. If you need an answer, ask the question and someone here will help you.

If your topic has not yet been addressed, feel completely free to start a brand-new thread. If your topic is being addressed, but you have a related new idea or a new question, go right ahead and jump in.

The only rules, besides the general forum rules, are "be polite" and "do not attack anyone, ever." However, I also ask that you please try not to be repetitious, or to ask the very same question yet again.

So go right ahead. We await your questions, responses, and advice.
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