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The Weaver
« on: July 02, 2012, 03:12:04 PM »
Fairly simple. Take three or more markers of some kind. It's better if they're big enough that you can't step over them but have to go around them. Put up one or more targets, and align the markers at any orientation you wish. I would recommend starting with straight at the targets (centerline if using even number of targets, center target if odd number), but consider also aligning the markers across the front or at some angle. Just put them all in line, and space them three to five yards apart to begin with.

Set up? Kewl. Here's the drill: Start at one end other the other of the line of markers. It's your choice whether you do this with weapon already in hand or otherwise ready or from some at-rest/carry position. Once the start is signaled, you will weave around the markers in either an S or a Z pattern, engaging as you move.

Drill can be done with rifle or pistol, in either direction. Line them up, pick an end, go from side to side between the markers as you shoot. Goal is to keep hitting without stopping the movement. Do it going both ways, either separate runs or back and forth as many times as you want in one run.

Got that? Any questions at this point? Kewl.

Start slow. The first few runs, concentrate on making hits, which will slow you down, but that's okay. This is not as easy as it looks like. What you'll do over time is start speeding up, get to a point where you're not hitting like you want, and then slow back down until you get where you want to go. You'll get faster while retain accuracy in stages.

Oh, and move naturally. Throw the Crabs and the Grouchos out. You need to learn to move like you're going to move when someone's trying to kill you, not like you're trying to get more holes in the A-zone than anybody else. Right? Kewl.

Somebody to start you and designate which of multiple targets to shoot to will help.

Go practice now.
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Re: The Weaver
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2012, 09:35:07 PM »
You hit on something.  The "Crab" and "Groucho" have their utility, but have been put out there to the public as the be-all and end-all in tacticool movement.  Sometimes there's a place to just MOVE.
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Re: The Weaver
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2012, 09:06:17 PM »
Interesting drill. One of my pet peeves is that we do little training in "shoot while moving" but movement is inherently part of fighting.

A few things I learned about gunfighting many years ago:
1) Don't just stand there; movement and distance is the trained shooter's friend.
2) Don't move predictably; you just set yourself up to be shot where you are going to be.
3) There are no points for style or fashion in a gunfight.

(I like the Charles Martel quote. It is worth noting that there was an effort by a number of NYC bankers to organize a "Charles Martel League" back in the middle of the first oil crisis.)

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