Author Topic: Detroit Man Ward Off Gunman with Cup of Coffee - A real good weapon!  (Read 965 times)

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Starting off most mornings, Tim Blair stops by his nearby 7-eleven for a scalding hot cup of vanilla bean coffee. Blair works an early shift, so he out the door before 3 am. On this particular day two men on bikes approached him after he left the store.

“He stopped directly in front of me and he asked me for my money,” Blair told WDIV News. “Now, I wasn’t sure if that’s what he said at first. I thought maybe he was asking me for directions.”

Then one of the men began to pull a gun out of his sweatshirt and yelled "Give me your money." At that point,
Time will tell.


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Good quick thinking on his part!

This shows once again that the mind is the most dangerous weapon of all. Use it!

It would be better to have a gun but once you're that close there are a lot of effective responses if the will is present.


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Good story, good outcome.  No matter what you have at hand, use it.
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He shouldn't have stopped with throwing the coffee! Straddling a bike, it would be pretty easy to kick him over away from you. More time to retreat, or pursue other measures against a now somewhat handicapped perp. G2G
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