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Carmen - Internet Radio Product for Vehicle
« on: January 31, 2012, 04:31:05 AM »

We picked up a vehicle MP3 and Internet radio gadget from (1saleaday) and I've seen these at Ben's Outlet, (a place related to the 1Saleaday site) called Carmen. It's much better than XM radio, and it's free (rather than $15 a month) without commercials! 

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I like it because the slim player fits into your cig lighter or power outlet and automatically records Internet radio (your choice of genre) to it and holds up to 2 GB of data.  You can also also move MP3 files/folders around it as well, with PC/USB hookup.  Then you can have an easy music player for your vehicle. 

It comes with everything you need including a small remote control so you don't have to fiddle with it as you drive.  You also need a hook up of some sort (noted in the Livio site) I use a cassette player adapter and music cable.  Unless you have a music outlet on your current radio system, then just use the included cable.

It was $13 I think....

When you use it with your computer and (USB cord included) it will allow that Livio Radio site to play music while you're using your CPU.  Unless you move MP3 folders you don't have to do anything to start the download of files - its automatic and it also uploads safe software to your CPU as well (PC or MAC - both are included). 

We love it and plan to say adios to XM radio soon!