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Arkansas Now Permitless Carry
« on: October 22, 2018, 08:19:32 AM »
Arkansas - On October 17, 2018 the Arkansas Appeals Court stated in case No. CR-18-353 Jamie Taff  v. State of Arkansas:   (“n general merely possessing a handgun on your person . . . does not violate § 5-73-120(a) and may be done if it does not violate other laws or regulations.”). Under the clear language of section 5-73-120(a), the possessor of a handgun must have an unlawful intent to employ it as a weapon against a person in order to make that possession a criminal act.   
5-73-120 was amended and passed as above in 2013. There has been uncertainty with people in authority (AG’s, Governors, Mayors, Police Chiefs etc.) saying the law didn’t and some stating it did allowed Permitless Carry. The above court case has finally settled that argument. Permitless Concealed and Open Carry is now legal for those who can legally possess a firearm!  You can read the Courts decision at
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Re: Arkansas Now Permitless Carry
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Thanks, Gary!
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Re: Arkansas Now Permitless Carry
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Thank you Gary!