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Edit - Missed a copy and past of the last letter of the Boulder Ordinance URL. Fixed link.

Colorado  -    Boulder has passed their so called assault weapons ban.   The assault weapons ban goes into effect 12/31/18. It states Mags for handguns cant be larger than 15 rounds.  Regulates the possession of any firearm inside the city to those 21 or older. There are other items that were added/reworded  etc. You can read the new ordinance at the link below.  I did extract just the part of the document that pertained to the firearms ban.   The Document was over 500 pages.

Vail Colorado has an ordinance that just found out about.
6-3H-9: Magazine Capacity:    It shall be unlawful to carry, store or otherwise possess a magazine which will hold or may be modified to hold twenty-one (21) or more rounds.

 Are they grandfathering those mags that dont meet the law that were owned before the ordinance was passed? Does state preemption apply in these cases?  Things like this are the reason that many states passed preemption in the first place. Driving or even walking across a line only sometimes visible on a map takes a good person and turns them into a criminal. Preemption cant have exceptions. Those exceptions will do a lot more harm than good. 

Texas    The Texas Dept of Public Safety has put up a short list of approved online training courses.  You still have to have the shooting part of the training face to face with the instructor.   More information can be found at the online training listing here:

Louisiana    Governor has signed SB 402 that removes the 8 hours of extra training mandated by the state to carry in a place of worship if allowed by the place of worship. It is only required if the owners or insurance policy in place at the place of worship requires it.  This new legislation takes effect August 1, 2018.

At things have slowed down immensely from the previous two years when many good changes were made in numerous states with just a few setbacks.   There are a lot of bills and talk about banning this or that or taking peoples guns Who May Be a threat to themselves or others but most are not moving along the path to becoming law. Will try to keep you updated on those changes that affect those who legally carry a firearm to protect themselves and their loved ones.
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Thanks Gary!