Author Topic: PA Drops VA. . . Adds ID and AL. Will Now Only Honor Resident Permits!!!!!!  (Read 1000 times)

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Gary Slider

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The Pennsylvania Attorney General has made some major changes to Pennsylvania Reciprocity and most of it for the worse. The only good part is they will now honor the Idaho Enhanced and the Alabama Permits.  The bad parts are they are going to stop honoring Virginia May 17, 2018. The only reason the date is one month away is the signed agreement they have with Virginia states they must give them a month if they wish to stop the agreement.

They have also signed new agreements with the all the states they already had signed agreements with and they all state now that they will only honor that states RESIDENT Permits!

PA had already resigned with VA, FL, UT, and a couple other states a few years ago and that wording  only allowed for Resident permits from those states. Now they are totally only honoring Resident permits from the states they honor. This has the most effect on residents of Maryland, New Jersey and New York who live near the border with PA. Previously they could still get a New Hampshire or Texas Non-Resident Permit and carry in Pa with that permit. No Longer! Most canít apply for a PA Non-Resident permit as PA statutes state to apply for a PA Non-Resident you have to have a permit from your home state. Those 3 states donít issue to us common folk!!!!!  You can read their new Reciprocity wording as put out by their AG and see all the new Agreements at the link Below.                                          

I have been working all evening making all the changes to updating all the pages that this PA changed caused. 
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I don't understand what's going on with those people. I had a PA out of state permit  when I was driving back and fourth to Florida, from Ohio, just so I could legally drive through Georgia. Now that I am a Florida resident, and with all the new improvements to the laws in most states, there is only a handful of places I can't carry. Those are states that I would not care to visit anyway. Thanks for all the hard work Gary!