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Vermont - Governor Phil Scott held a very public signing of  S. 55 on the front steps of the capitol building which bans Bump Stocks, raises age to purchase firearms, Universal Background Checks, Magazine Bans for long guns and handguns and more. Except for the ban on Bump Stocks the rest of the bill took effect upon the Governorís signature. You can read the bill here:         Or at

Michigan Ė Effective Immediately HB 5220 now states you can carry up to 18% Oleoresin Capsicum Sprays and they can have Ultraviolet Dyes in them. Old law only allowed 10% and no other ingredients.  You can read the new statute here.              

Wisconsin -  The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that a permit Wisconsin issues or honors is required to carry a loaded firearm in a vehicle in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin Statute 167.31   section (c) states:    (c) Except as provided in sub. (4), no person may load a firearm, other than a handgun, in a vehicle or discharge a firearm or shoot a bolt or an arrow from a bow or crossbow in or from a vehicle.
(End Statute)   The court stated that section was added when Wisconsin started their concealed carry permits and that it only pertained to those with a permit. Pro-Gun groups took it to the upper court when lower courts ruled against a man for carrying a loaded handgun in his glove box without a permit and the upper court agreed with the lower court rulings.

Here is a link to the FBI showing the number of Background Checks by month for the last 20 years.  March 2018 set a new record for the most Checks in one month.
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