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The West Virginia Citizens Defense League   sent out this Update on new laws on carrying in West Virginia and also informed me that West Virginia now honors Wisconsin. It doesnít really matter since WV went Permitless Carry but they still have a reciprocity law on the books. The WVCDL   They have done a tremendous job here in my home state of West Virginia just like many other state orgs are doing in their respective states. If you are not a member of your states Right to Keep and Bear Arms Organization highly recommends you join. Again they are making the difference at the state level. 

SB388:  School drop off, pickup, and storage.

Individuals with valid CHLs may now pickup, drop-off, and store loaded firearms while on school property.  This comes with some very important caveats.  The first of these: Do not leave the vehicle while armed.  That will still be a felony.
You may have the firearm concealed on your person while you remain in the car in ingress, egress, and parking lots.  You may store your firearm in an internal locking compartment affixed to the car, leaving the car locked, if you must leave your vehicle while on school property.

Further, you may not pickup, drop off, or store firearms on school property if you are carrying under "constitutional carry."  You must have a CHL to take advantage of this.  If you do not have a CHL, just having the loaded gun on school property in your vehicle constitutes a felony.
HB2679:  State park carry, County park preemption, and statewide Sunday hunting.

In state parks, it is now lawful to carry a firearm for self-defense purposes.  The only exclusion is that long-arms may not be carried in or on park recreation facilities or marked trails within the parks, unless they are in a case. Please note that some parks in WV are Army Corps of Engineers property, and carry of firearms (except in limited circumstances for hunting or range use) is prohibited.
County park commissions are now prohibited from passing rules regulating the carry of firearms.

North Dakota will become Permitless Carry for North Dakota Residents ONLY August 1st.
This only applies to Residents 18 and older who can legally possess a firearm. Non Residents must have a permit/license North Dakota Issues or Honors to carry in North Dakota.

Kansas AG has put out an Opinion stating that Colleges/Universities can have a rule stating firearms carried must be carried with an empty chamber. You can read that opinion Here: 

The Polite Soceity Podcast, Proarms Podcast, Geeks Gadgets and Guns Podcast come together to bring you an interview with Massad Ayoob at Mag 40 in Soux Falls South Dakota August 2017.  I have attended Mag 40 and Mag 80 When they were called LFI  I & II and have assisted Ayoob in a Mag 40 class. The interview is very good and touches on a variety of subjects as all of his usually do and it has a special place for Me and at the 8:30 to 9:30 time slot.
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Gary Slider
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Re: WV Honors WI. . . WV. . . ND . . . KS. . Updates. . .!
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Thanks Gary!


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Re: WV Honors WI. . . WV. . . ND . . . KS. . Updates. . .!
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Thanks for the opinion piece about carrying concealed with an empty chamber on KS university campuses. I had never seen that before.