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Changes Coming in UT, GA, OK, ID & IA Firearm Laws
« on: April 17, 2017, 04:43:35 AM »
Utah will start issuing Provisional Permits May 9, 2017. The Provisional Permit is for those 18 Ė 20 Year olds and expires on their 21st Birthday. They can then convert it to a regular permit. It takes the same criteria to apply as for the Regular Permit. Those with Provisional Permits CAN NOT carry in Schools like those with a Regular Permit. If you apply for their Non-Resident Provisional or Regular and are from a state that honors the Utah Permit you have to have a permit from your home state. More info can be found at

Georgia has amended their reciprocity law and removes the stipulation that a state that honors them does not have to honor permits issued to those under 21. This amendment was caused because the Georgia Attorney General would not honor the Virginia Permit because Virginia would not honor permits issued to those  under 21.  The Virginia Citizens Defense League is warning VA residents not to carry outside their vehicle in Georgia just yet but wait on the GA AG to list Virginia as a state they honor. You can read the bill as passed and is in effect immediately at
GA AG Press Releases where he this announcement may show up -
GA AG Reciprocity Listing -

November 1, 2017  Oklahoma only issues to residents 21 or older but will start issuing to resident military 18-20. The Addition to the law states:   
Be twenty-one (21) years of age, or
b. eighteen (18) years of age but not yet twenty-one (21) years of age and the person is a member or veteran of the United States Armed Forces, the Reserves or National Guard, or the person was discharged under honorable conditions from the United States Armed Forces, Reserves or National Guard;

July 1 2017 Idaho law will allow Active Military to carry in Idaho without a permit. Idaho allows Residents over 21 to carry without a permit and anyone 18 or older to carry outside the Corporation Limits of any city/town without a permit.  The Law just added  any Active Military personnel along with Residents over 21 can carry in city and towns without a permit.
July 1 Iowa will have some major changes in their carry laws.  Concealed Carry with a permit in the State Capitol Buildings and grounds. Emergency powers law updated to restrict the government from banning the carrying of firearms doing an emergency. Preemption law strengthened, Application and license holders information will no longer be public information and changes on carrying on a Snowmobile/ATV have been updated again. You can read the bill at

Then you have bills like Oklahoma Senate Bill 833   This is a clean up bill. All states pass them and they contain corrections for numerous  places in a states statutes. Grammar errors or even wording that was copied wrong in the bill that passed. This OK SB made many corrections and the one concerning firearms corrected the wording as two different bills were passed with different wording for the same section in the statutes.  Most of these changes donít change the meaning of a law but they can and they are the most difficult to see and make note of on   

The above will be added to on their effective date or early with an effective date stated in the entry. 
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Re: Changes Coming in UT, GA, OK, ID & IA Firearm Laws
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Thanks Gary!