Author Topic: SIG SAUER Elite Performance Ammo Test & Review (2017 Update – Part II)  (Read 476 times)

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I positioned myself in my usual "modified" Weaver stance and aimed my EDC (a Rock Island Armory 1911 FS Tactical) at the target some ten yards distant. I fired eight rounds of Sig Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition, SIG V-Crown, 230-grain JHP; ammunition that I had purchased and was testing for accuracy and reliability. The rating by the manufacturer is 830fps at 352 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle.

At seven rounds fired, I had to stop. All I was seeing was one hole that was ever so slightly to the left and low at the outer perimeter of the 1" bull's eye circle.  Was I actually hitting the target? I shifted my aim to just above the bull's eye and fired the remaining cartridge. A nice, large hole appeared in the target just  slightly low of my point of aim.

Pulling the target forward, a large, singular hole that could be covered with a quarter attested to the fact that seven rounds ended up in a single hole. Although I am fairly accurate with this pistol, I am not that accurate.  This was not out of an expensive, high-end pistol, this was out of a RIA 1911!  Care to take a guess as to what ammunition I will be carrying in this EDC from here on out?. The Sig ammunition was absolutely smooth feed, smooth shooting, and smooth ejecting.  While I can't attest to what it will do to  the body, I can attest to its accuracy (in this particular pistol at that particular time).

I can't wait to try out some 9mm

SIG SAUER Elite Performance Ammo Test & Review (2017 Update – Part II)
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Thanks for the tip.
I'll have to try some out for myself.
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Yeah, their website is not bad either!  Makes me want some!

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