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Alabama gun parts
« on: December 21, 2016, 08:25:03 AM »

read the full article at the above url

ďAnd then that went to putting it into a 3D program and a few months down the road, we said, I think we can make this happen," he says.
They spend the next 4 years going through various designs for the .45 caliber ACP Carbine, until about four and a half months ago, when they made their first delivery. The rifle is as Alabama as football, with their headquarters in Huntsville and assembled in Scottsboro.
ď75% of this weapon is made in Alabama, either in Jackson Co, Winston Co, or Cullman County. And the only reason why 100% isnít is because local folks donít make the parts that we need like magazines and barrels," he says.
The rest of the parts are American made.  ďIf youíre going to give someone a job, letís give a job local. Or if you canít do it local, do it in the US," says Groves.
After just a couple of months on the market, the pistol is already sold in nearly 10 states. Charley believes the success is due to the design.
ďFrom the ATF, weíre the only people that they know of that makes a .45 ACP carbine with a short stroke gas piston and a rotating lock and bolt," he says.
Time will tell.


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Re: Alabama gun parts
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I L-I-K-E it!!

Affordability is a question, however. Curiosity is going to make me check into it further.
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Re: Alabama gun parts
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Re: Alabama gun parts
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Very nice!


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Re: Alabama gun parts
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Sweet Home Alabama
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