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Legislation. . . Reciprocity/Honors Maps
« on: August 26, 2016, 06:26:22 AM »
     Things have slowed down in the states passing laws effecting firearms and concealed carry. It was very busy earlier in the year. Some legislation is still in the process of getting passed and only time will tell if there are more changes this year. 

     One question I get all the time at is our Create a Map Application.  Like others out there that have maps that show you what states your multiple permit/licenses are valid in some show where resident and non-resident permits are not accepted and some do. uses a simple application that can’t show that. That is not the only problem with anyone’s maps you create with multiple permit/licenses. There are numerous quirks in how some states honor each other. When you click on Create a Map on the page you get a notice page first which lists all the aberrations in how states honor each other. Many are linking straight to the application or click on a link that skips the Notice Page. You have to be aware that no application out there shows all of these quirks. Our maps on each states page reflect these quirks or they are listed in the first section below the map on each states page. Here are the quirks in how states honor each other as it appears on our Notice Page when you click on our Create a Map Application link. 

Be Aware of the Following Aberrations in How States Honor Other States Permit/Licenses!

Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Vermont and West Virginia have what is called Permitless Carry. Anyone who can legally possess a firearm can carry them Concealed without any type of permit/license.  You must be 21 Y/O and carry your ID. 18 in Vermont.

Idaho- Idaho State wide Permitless Carry only applies to Residents of Idaho who are 21or older.

South Dakota-  SD issues ”Regular/Gold/Enhanced Permits.” DE, MN, NE, NV, SC & WI Only Honor the SD Enhanced permit. (Gold Permits not being issued until after 1/1/17)

Idaho has Standard and “Enhanced” Permits. The Enhanced takes more training. Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, South Carolina and Washington only honor the Idaho “Enhanced Permit.” SC, Only Honors the Resident Enhanced Permit.

Maine – Allows 21 Y/O and Active Military/Hon. Dis. Vets18-20 to carry on just their state issued drivers licenses/Id but have restrictions that don’t apply to those with a permit ME Honors. ME doesn’t honor all other permits. See Maine Page for restrictions on Permitless Carry and if they honor your states permit.

Residents of Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Vermont, West Virginia  & Wyoming can carry in Oklahoma under their states Permitless Carry Law and do not need a permit/license to carry.  They must carry their state issued ID and be 21 Years of age.

Nevada/Mississippi – Nevada Only Honors the Mississippi Enhanced Permit.

Texas/Ohio -  Texas only honors Ohio Permits Issued/Renewed on or after 3/23/15

Wisconsin/Ohio -  Wisconsin Only Honors Ohio Permits Issued on or After March 23, 2015

Pennsylvania Only Honors Resident Permits from the states of Arizona, Florida, Mississippi, Utah and Virginia. They will not honor a Non Resident AZ, FL, MS, UT, & VA Permit/License to Carry. 

Wisconsin/Missouri – Wisconsin will only honor a Missouri Permit issued/renewed on or after 8/28/13.

Nebraska/Iowa  NE will only honor the Iowa Non-Professional Permit. Not their Professional Permit.

Colorado, Florida, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire & South Carolina Only honor Permit/Licenses from “Residents” of the states they honor. They will not honor any Non-Resident Permit/Licenses from any state.

Wisconsin/ Virginia -  WI  will only honor the VA Non Resident permit and “Not” their Resident Permit.

Texas/Rhode Island - TX will only honor the Rhode Island Permit/License issued by the Rhode Island  Attorney General’s Office. Local issued Rhode Island Permit/Licenses are not honored by Texas.

North Dakota – ND Issues two classes of Licenses. If you hold a Class 2 License from ND check carefully the states you wish to visit as there are a number of states that honor the North Dakota Class 1 License but not their Class 2 License.

Wisconsin/West Virginia – WI will only honor the WV permit issued after 6/8/12. 

Wyoming’s Permitless Carry Law only applies to Residents of Wyoming.

Wisconsin/Alaska - WI will only honor the AK permit issued after 1/14/13. AK changed their law on how they run background checks.  AK Honors all other states permit/licenses.

New Mexico/Oklahoma -  New Mexico only allows for the carrying of one concealed firearm. Oklahoma does not allow the carry of a firearm larger than .45 caliber.

Some states that honor other states Permit/Licenses will not honor that states Permit/license unless the holder of the Permit/license is 21 years of age.

 The Create a Map application can’t reflect these quirks in how states honor each other. If you are going to carry in any of the states listed above or you are under 21 years of age check that states page carefully.
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Re: Legislation. . . Reciprocity/Honors Maps
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Thanks Gary!


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Re: Legislation. . . Reciprocity/Honors Maps
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Great update! Thanks.
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