Author Topic: Volume Four of the 'Gunfighting, and Other Thoughts...' series now on Amazon  (Read 1143 times)

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Kindle version:

6 x 9 print version:

There is also an 8.5 x 11 size version available if you want a larger format print book.

Topics covered in this volume include: 

Ways to make yourself safer when training and practicing with a gun.
Ideas about how to prepare yourself for when the gunfight is over.
The way your personal threat environment has probably changed.
Combat Triage.
Why you need to work on conditioning even if you carry a gun.
Why to do some things as well as how to do them.
Why I don't believe revolvers should be a preferred or default carry weapon.
An alternative to the classic fail-to-stop drill.
Thoughts on what to shoot at for best effect.
The Civilian PDW.
Changing sides when shooting.
And a few other things as well.
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I will be ordering it today.

Thanks, CR.
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I will be ordering it today.

Thanks, CR.
Me too

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