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July 1, 2016 Updates From
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July 1, 2016 Virginia will honor all other states permit/licenses. Virginia honored 30 states previously and only honored the Idaho Enhanced Permit. With their new law honoring all states permit/licenses Virginia will honor all Idaho Permits. Georgia, Colorado and Maine will now honor Virginia. Those three states have laws stating they will honor anyone who honors them.

July 1, 2016 Idaho will allow permitless carry for Idaho RESIDENTS only who are 21 and can legally possess a firearm. Anyone 18 and older who can legally possess a firearm can carry concealed without a permit outside the incorporated limits of any town in Idaho. Idaho will also start issuing permit/licenses to carry to those 18-20

July 1, 2016 Georgia public college students can now legally carry an electroshock weapon for self defense in all areas of campus.

July 1, 2016 Tennessee.  Full time employees of Public Schools of Higher Education will be allowed to carry on campus. They have to have a permit and register with the campus Police. There are also some places on campus where they can’t carry but are able to carry classrooms and most  places on campus. Tennessee will also now allow Active Military/Veterans to apply at 18 for a carry permit.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down their new Preemption law that had teeth on technical grounds. The Legislature is working to correct this to stop local governments from passing laws that are more strict than state law. What the law did was hold local authorities responsible financially for passing such local ordinances. 

With the New Hampshire Supreme Court Case striking down the administrative rule that a non-resident had to have a permit from their home state will cause a change in the New Hampshire Non-Resident Application. The New Hampshire State Police have stated they will update the application hopefully in the next couple weeks.  They have now stated you can use the old application to apply.

In Louisiana starting August 1, 2016  those with a “Permanent Restraining Order” against a person can apply for a permit to carry without the required training. The permit will only be valid for 45 days and can be made permanent if they take the training before the 45 day period expires. The new law specifically states that the permit is only valid in the state of Louisiana.  They would apply the same as those would apply for a regular permit to carry needing their permanent restraining order to apply.

A couple months back the Nebraska State Patrol has added a lot of info on Applying/Carrying for a permit in Nebraska.  They supplied limited info in the past. Check out their new webpage at

With the constant  changing of firearm laws across America and people traveling it is your responsibility to know what the laws are especially when going into other states. No site can answer all the questions you may have on this subject. 21 years ago I attended Massad Ayoob’s LFI I in Pennsylvania. He made the statement doing the class to know the laws better than those you are dealing with. That got me started researching and I haven’t stopped. contains the information I wanted to have when I traveled. Explore the site. There is a ton of information there with links to the state agencies that issue/explain their laws. Links to their state statutes and other information. We list the law section to find information in the statutes you need to assist in your own research. is free to all and we make no money from the site. I am not posting this to get more hits on our site to make money. Steve and I know this information is needed and it is our small part in assisting those who wish protect themselves and their loved ones and to exercise their Right to Keep and Bear Arms! will be updated with the above information late June 30 or early July 1.
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Re: July 1, 2016 Updates From
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Thanks Gary!