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The US District Court for DC has ordered  (5/17/16) a preliminary injunction be granted against the “Just Cause or other Proper Reason” for obtaining a Permit to Carry in DC.  You can read the case at the first link below and the Order of the Court at the 2nd Link.  (250k)     (7.8 MB)

The DC Metro Police Dept posted this on their website 5/19/16:  In light of the preliminary injunction issued by Judge Richard Leon of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in Grace v. District of Columbia, Civil Action No. 15-2234, the Metropolitan Police Department will not require applicants to comport with the “Good Reason” requirement under D.C. Official Code § 7-2509.11(1)(A) & (B), while the injunction is effective (see “Grace Preliminary Injunction” document, attached below).

Applicants must still meet all other requirements when applying for a license to carry a concealed firearm.  Applicants who were previously denied pursuant to the “Good Reason” requirement may submit a new application.  The application fee for re-applicants meeting this criteria will be waived.  New applicants should use the existing forms until such time as the Department is able to revise forms in accordance with the court’s order.  Questions should be directed to the Firearms Registration Section  at (202) 727-4275.
DC will most likely ask for a Stay of this ruling and Appeal. They will be spending the Taxpayers Money to appeal and not their own. 

Arizona  Governor signed two bills that benefit those who carry. SB 1266 puts teeth in Arizona’s Preemption law. It allows for damages etc against local authorities that pass ordinances that are not in line with state law. HB 2338 states that K thru College/Universities can’t have policies that forbid the carrying of firearms on right of ways through their campus. This includes streets, alleys. paths and sidewalks. believes the key word in the law is “Through”  which to us does not mean every sidewalk, street etc that is on campus. Again another very gray area in the law open to interpretation. These two statutes do not become law until about August 5, 2016.  AZ Law states 90 days after the Legislature adjourns a signed bill becomes law.

Starting Aug 1, 2016  the state of Louisiana will issue 5 year or lifetime permits to Honorably Discharged Veterans Free! Active Duty Military will still be required to pay ½ the costs that civilians pay for the 5 year and lifetime permits.
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